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Choosing the right lift with the right optional extras can be a bewildering task. Most customers will only ever purchase one lift in their lifetime and the financial outlay can make the whole process more than a little daunting. One of the biggest challenges is understanding the plethora of words, phrases and acronyms (lift speak) that is presented throughout the whole consultation and quotation process. The purpose of this Education Centre is to demystify the jargon, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding your purchase. In addition, we regularly support students with their studies and are mindful that our industry needs to nurture and support the lift men and woman of tomorrow. If you are a student, please feel free to make use of the following information with our blessing.

It should be noted that the following content relates solely to Platform Lifts and does not cover traditional Passenger Lifts. So before we begin, let’s be sure that a Platform Lift is the right product for your application.

Author: Nick Dade. Sales Director (Level Access Lifts Ltd).
Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed within this Education Centre are solely those of the original author/s. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of any given lift manufacturer or lift industry association.
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