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Platform Lifts

Our selection of platform lifts range from smaller and less space intruding solutions such as inclined and open vertical lifts. Whether you need something for business purposes, including goods lifts, or something more heavy-duty like our robust semi-enclosed platform lifts – We guarantee a lift to suit every need.

We ensure each platform lift is designed carefully to serve a range of purposes, from home and industrial. Our inclined platform lifts generate a reliable and comfortable source of internal personal transport for smaller capacities. We also install and maintain platform lifts that serve inside the business environment, transporting heavy loads between floors to avoid breaking health and safety laws and maintaining employee safety.

Our highly skilled and trained team can advise and answer any queries that you may have regarding platform lifts, including what would suit your environment, budget and much more. Take a look at our range and give us a call to enquire further regarding our quality range of reliable platform lifts. Level Lifts is a reliable supplier of lifts and lift alternatives in the UK, you can be confident trusting Level Lifts to find a solution to your level access dilemmas.

Platform lifts provide an easy access option for wheelchair users or those who struggle to get up stairs. We offer a vast selection of platform lifts that are trusted by both the LEIA (Lift and Escalator Industry Association) who are the advisory body for the lift and escalator industry, and also Constructionline who are a register for pre-qualified contractors and consultants.

Platform lifts can come in a range of styles, whether that be platform lifts to transport goods between floors within a work environment or to inclined platform lifts used to transport disabled passengers up and down stairs. Level Lifts has an extensive selection of platform lifts that have a wide range of applications and functions. Level lifts are leading suppliers of lifts and lift alternatives within the UK.