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Whether transporting food from Kitchen to Restaurant, stock from Storeroom to Shop Floor or documents from Office to Archive, our range of service lifts are all about making life easier. Installation typically takes between 1-2 days and disruption is minimal thanks to the simple to assemble self-supporting structure. There are a choice of car sizes, lifting capacities and configurations including Standard, Double Decker (two lift cars in the same shaft) or Bottom Drive (when it is not practical to have the drive motor on top of the shaft). In addition, there are a choice of finishes including Baked Enamel or Stainless Steel and options such as shelves and food heaters. A cost effective addition to any Pub, Restaurant, Retail Outlet, Office, Hospital or Private Home.

Technical Details

Maximum Travel:
30m / 12 stops
Minimum Platform Size:
19 Standard Sizes + Special Sizes - Please Enquire
Maximum Platform Size:
19 Standard Sizes + Special Sizes - Please Enquire
Rated Load:
50kg / 100kg
Pit Depth:
Project Specific
Travel Speed:
Up to 0.35m/sec
Project Specific
Entrance Configuration(s):
Through Access / Adjacent Entrances
Door Type(s):
Rise & Fall Shutters / Hinged Doors
Flooring Type(s):
Lift Colours / Finishes:
Grey Baked Enamel or Stainless Steel Doors
Internal Finishes:
Choice of Car Finishes (plus Shelves, Heaters etc)
Fixing Method(s):
FX Structure for cladding by Builder
Power Supply Requirement:
220v Single Phase
European Machinery Directive
Country of Manufacture:
Italy / Great Britain

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