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Extremely Compact Platform Lift – Can be glazed on all 4 Sides


The perfect solution for the tightest of spaces, our Compact (MC2000) Disabled Access Lifts are designed for stairwells and other tight spaces where every side of the lift will be visible. The unique chain drive system makes it possible to glaze all four sides of the enclosure meaning that the lift can be truly panoramic. This drive method also means that we can provide the largest possible platform size in relation to the space available on site.

Technical Details

Maximum Travel:
15m / 6 stops
Minimum Platform Size:
870mm x 1020mm (not Part M compliant)
Maximum Platform Size:
1220mm x 1680mm
Rated Load:
500kg (5-6 person)
Pit Depth:
60mm (or ramp can be supplied)
Travel Speed:
Entrance Configuration(s):
Same Side / Through Access / Adjacent Entry
Door Type(s):
Single Swing (including Fire Rated)
Flooring Type(s):
Non Slip Vinyl / Rubber
Lift Colours / Finishes:
White as standard or a RAL colour of your choice
Internal Finishes:
Fixing Method(s):
Self-supporting Structure
Power Supply Requirement:
220v Single Phase or 415v 3 Phase
European Machinery Directive
Country of Manufacture:

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