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Platform lifts are used everywhere – from schools and hospitals to shops and factories. Increasing accessibility, they help to open up buildings to everyone, regardless of age or disability. But what happens if they go wrong?

Here at Level Access Lifts, we offer ongoing maintenance and servicing to reduce the risk of encountering problems with platform lifts – also known as disability lifts, wheelchair lifts or vertical lifts. We understand lift maintenance isn’t the most exciting subject but it is important.

To help outline why, we have pulled together a few quick reference FAQs to highlight the main reasons regular maintenance is key to getting the most from your platform lift:

Why is lift maintenance important?

Maintenance checks give you the peace of mind that your lift is safe to use and working efficiently. They also allow you to spot faults and rectify them before they become an expensive problem.

In regularly servicing platform lifts, we will effectively save time and reduce the cost of repairs further down the line.

How often should lifts be serviced?

The frequency of service is dependent on the type of lift, the number of floors and how often it’s used.

For platform lifts that are used regularly, it’s vital that they are routinely maintained to ensure they are working correctly and, more importantly, safely.

Lifts like the Swedish style and heavy duty lift are designed to travel up to 13m (6 stops) and therefore need servicing more often than the hidden lift, one of our wheelchair lifts, which travels no more than 0.5m.

We schedule servicing to:

  • ensure safe/efficient operation
  • reduce the need for replacements
  • eliminate unforeseen repairs
  • prolong lift lifespan
  • minimise medium to long-term costs

What does a service include?

Our engineers ensure optimum platform lift performance by checking:

  • safety features
  • cleaning
  • lubricating
  • component adjustment

They will also update the maintenance log, state what work was carried out and add detailed comments about the repairs and any required improvement work (if applicable).

Will lifts be out of action?

When vertical lifts are serviced they will be out of use – but not for long! We need to  check the essential parts of the lift (i.e. shaft, structure and motor) to make sure that they are in optimum working order, but our experienced engineers will have you up and running again in no time.

What happens if the lift breaks down?

The main reason for having your disability lift maintained is to prolong its lifespan – preventing premature wear and tear and serious faults from developing.

In the unlikely event that your lift breaks down our fully qualified operators will get it back working as soon as possible. We offer an emergency call out service and will come out to your property and repair it as quickly and safely as possible.

All our lifts have a 12 month warranty, and once the 12 months are up, you’ll need to arrange regular/ongoing maintenance to keep your lift in great condition.

These are just some of the reason why it is so important to make sure you have your platform lift regularly serviced. If you have further questions why not get in touch with one of our lift experts, here at Level Access Lifts? We are more than happy to answer any questions regarding lift maintenance, so call us on 023 8081 4924 today or email us at

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