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Step Lifts

When it comes to finding Step Lifts, you needn’t look any further because you’re in capable hands with Level Access Lifts! We provide a complete range of Step Lifts, accommodating the most diverse needs and wants, so be sure to check out our extensive range of products here today!

What are Steplifts?

The term Steplift describes a group of platform lifts that predominantly serve short travels such as split levels, usually alongside a set of steps. Steplifts are designed to make your home or public building more accessible and are tailored to suit the requirements of those with limited mobility. We provide the Steplifts to suit the growing demand for greater accessibility, offering equal opportunities for those with disabilities and poor mobility.

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In terms of design, you cannot beat the Step Lift! Our Steplift offers a compact solution for easy access where wheelchair users would have been faced with difficulty in the past. They look simple but are extremely effective, making it almost inevitable for you to find one that suits the environment perfectly whilst enhancing accessibility at the same time.

The Step Lift is specifically designed to be stylish yet affordable and can resolve accessibility issues in a way that’s practical. We provide the Steplifts to meet all disability requirements, preventing the need to negotiate steps which could result in serious injury.

Who can benefit from Steplifts?

The Steplift is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of an array of people and environments, so you needn’t worry about Level Access Lifts providing you with a suitable solution for transportation. Steplifts are becoming increasingly popular amongst the elderly. Elderly people who are less stable on their feet may find it challenging to walk up steps, leaving them fighting for their breath or in discomfort. In order to prevent this, we provide the Step Lift which is a simple addition to make to your property accessible, allowing individuals to travel comfortably.

Individuals who are physically challenged are also likely to find it incredibly difficult to climb the stairs, so if you want to make your property more accessible, you’re sure to benefit from the Step Lift! We supply the Step Lift, here at Level Access Lifts, to remove potential obstacles, allowing those with reduced mobility to gain access and to have the same opportunities as everyone else, could you benefit from one today?

Where can the Steplift be installed?

Here at Level Access Lifts, our Step Lifts are designed to be easy to install, requiring little downtime. As well as this, they are thought to be a more convenient alternative to wheelchair ramps which can be large, expensive, unsightly and time consuming to design and build.

The Steplift is designed for short travel purposes and incorporates safety features that make them suitable for public areas. Whether you’re looking for a Steplift for your domestic, commercial or industrial property, we can make it easier for you, taking care of the installation and maintenance.

At Level Access Lifts, we provide a choice of modern and affordable Step Lifts which are guaranteed to complement the style of your building.

Check out our collection of Step Lifts below!

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