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Inclined Platform Lifts - Level Lifts

Here at Level Access Lifts, we believe diversity is essential in order to cater to all Platform Lift needs, and as such, we offer a wide range of Inclined Platform Lifts for those needing disabled or wheelchair access.

What is a Platform Stair Lift?

The Platform Stair Lift is designed to transfer seated passengers up and down staircases or steps, offering a convenient alternative. The lifts are often found outside buildings but this isn’t to suggest that they cannot be used internally.

Whether it be a curved or straight Platform Stair Lift, Level Access Lifts supply various models to cater for all circumstances. Our Platform Stair Lift is designed to be economical and space-saving, making it a popular and versatile solution for those who require easy access.


Straight Rail Platform Stairlift

PLG7 straight rail platform stairlift from Ascendor in Austria. The perfect solution for a single straight flight of stairs when a vertical lift is just not possible.


Curved Rail Platform Stairlift

PLK8 curved rail platform stairlift from Ascendor in Austria. The perfect solution when a vertical lift is just not possible. This model can accommodate bends and travel horizontally across mid landings.

Wheelchair Lifts - Level Lifts


Vertically Rising

Vertically Rising Platform Stairlift

The PVL9 Vertical Platform Lift combines minimalist design with premium quality in one easy to install product. This short travel vertical lift (or Steplift) is of the same DNA as the award winning Ascendor Platform Stairlift range. The platform and barrier arms can be folded away when not in use, freeing up valuable floor space. A safety gate is provided at the upper landing and the wall buttons are wireless (so no unsightly cables or conduits on show). The combination of platform sizes and configurations, along with a choice of finishes means that the PLV9 can be easily adapted to suit any environment. The clean lines and subtle touches such as touch sensitive platform buttons and digital display leave the owner in no doubt that they have purchased a product of quality.


What Is A Platform Stairlift?

A Platform Stairlift is also known as an Inclined Platform Lift that is designed specifically to cater to the needs and wants of all individuals. The Platform Stairlift is considered to be an ideal solution for wheelchair users who have difficulty negotiating the stairs, it eliminates the risk of them transferring from their wheelchair and climbing the stairs (either aided or unaided).

Here at Level Lifts, we provide the Platform Stairlifts to offer suitability for all circumstances, including the vertical rising Platform Stairlift, as well as curved and straight rail variations. The Platform Stairlifts prioritise safety, providing individuals with a sense of comfort and confidence.

The Platform Stairlift is used domestically and commercially, indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile addition to your building. One of the main benefits of the Platform Stairlift is that it’s designed to be compact and can save space, no matter where it is installed.

Our foldable units are designed to be compact and allow you to utilise the space that you have available, making them a reliable yet safe solution.

The Platform Stairlift provides wheelchair users with the same opportunities as everyone else, allowing them to reach the products and services that are offered on various levels.

Why Choose A Platform Stairlift?

Here at Level Lifts, we provide a complete range of Platform Stairlifts that can provide wheelchair users with a simple yet effective solution for transporting from one level to the next.

There are several advantages associated with the Platform Stairlift, including the following:

  • Independence

The Platform Stairlift offers less of an inconvenience for those with limited mobility. Wheelchair users can often be dependent on carers or friends and family which essentially removes their independence and the option to fend for themselves.

To restore independence, a Platform Stairlift is designed to be easily controlled, allowing the individual to traverse the stairs unaided.

  • Safety

The Platform Stairlift is a smart device that can help you to reach various levels and eliminates the risk of collision.

  • Flexibility

Our Platform Stairlift is easily installed in domestic or commercial properties and can be tailored to suit the layout of your building. We make sure that stairlifts are installed effectively and utilise the space that is available. You also have the option to fold the Platform Stairlift up when it isn’t in operation, making it much more convenient for you.

  • Practicality

The Platform Stairlift is designed to be safe yet practical, offering a suitable solution for those who struggle to walk. Our lifts are priced affordably and are guaranteed to provide a sense of comfort and convenience.

Where To Place a Platform Stairlift In A Workplace?

The Platform Stairlift can provide an alternative means of transport, making areas more accessible. One of the main benefits of the Platform Stairlift is that it can be installed almost anywhere within the workplace, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

When used outdoors, the Platform Stairlift can be installed at the front of your building, in place of a wheelchair ramp which can be expensive and space intruding. We tend to install the lifts close to the entrance of a building where there are steps; this makes it easier for wheelchair users to gain access.

Buildings that incorporate a Platform Stairlift tend to be more appealing to those who have limited mobility or use a wheelchair. Having a platform lift on show will provide disabled visitors with the reassurance that their needs are catered for and they will be made to feel welcome.

Placing a Platform Stairlift indoors will enable all individuals to make the most of the products and services available. They are installed next to on the side of the stairs and are easily folded away.

When placing a Platform Stairlift in the workplace, there are several factors that you need to be mindful of, including the following:

  • Capacity
  • Environment
  • Safety
  • Design

To discuss your ideas further, call us on 0845 4662 999 today.

How much does a platform stairlift cost?

The cost of a platform stairlift (also known as an inclined platform lift) can vary depending on numerous factors. These include the length and shape of your staircase and the types of materials and finishes used.

Other factors that can affect the price of an inclined platform lift include its installation. For example, will it be installed indoors or does it need to be weatherproof for outdoor use?

The good news is, here at Level Access Lifts, we provide the best platform stairlifts on the market, at some of the most competitive prices around. We’re confident that we can offer a tailored solution to accommodate your access needs.

So, why not get in touch to receive your free, no-obligation quote today?

Which platform stairlift is the best?

All of the inclined platform lifts we provide here at Level Access Lifts are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and eliminate the need for people with reduced mobility to negotiate the stairs.

If you have a straight staircase, the PLG7 from Ascendor is an excellent choice. It runs along straight stainless steel rails at the side and can be folded away neatly when it’s not in use.

If your stairs are curved, the PLK8 Curved Rail Stairlift can easily navigate bends and changes in gradients, allowing passengers to transfer between varying floor heights safely and comfortably.

Alternatively, if you require a platform stairlift that can travel a short distance, you can’t beat the PVL9 Vertically Rising Platform Lift.

Still unsure which is the best inclined platform lift for your needs? Call Level Access Lifts on 023 8081 4924 and we will be more than happy to guide and advise you in making an informed decision.

Where can inclined platform lifts be used?

Our straight rail stairlifts can be used both indoors and outdoors and are best mounted to the wall or on stanchion posts beside the stairs.

Our curved rail stairlifts are ideal for staircases with bends. These can cope with changes in gradient – allowing passengers to travel smoothly and safely between varying floor levels. We tailor these to suit your bespoke requirements.

A vertically rising inclined platform lift can transfer passengers up a split level to a maximum height of 1.4m. They are available in a choice of sizes and configurations, meaning they can be easily adapted to suit your environment.

To find out more about our platform lifts, be sure to give us a call on 023 8081 4924.

Are platform stairlifts easy to operate?


Our platform stairlifts are designed to make life easier for those with reduced mobility.
Inclined platform lifts are easy enough for wheelchair users to operate independently, providing them with a sense of autonomy.

They feature a small ramp at either end to make it easier for users to get on and off the platform while remaining seated in their wheelchairs.

After securing the brake on their wheelchair, they simply have to push the button and the platform will begin to move along the curved or straight rails next to the stairs. Once it reaches the upper or lower landing, the platform stairlift will stop automatically.

This type of wheelchair lift is more compact than others. When it’s not in use, it neatly folds up against the wall, leaving space for others to use the stairs.

For more information about our inclined platform lifts and how they work, get in touch with the team at Level Access Lifts today.

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