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Premium Lifts

If you’re looking for a means of improving the accessibility in your home or commercial property – while simultaneously adding a touch of elegance and style – why not invest in a stunning premium lift from Level Access Lifts?

Choose from totally customizable passenger lifts, stylish platform lifts that can be designed to perfectly complement their surroundings, attractive and ingenious light well lifts and even externally located shaftless cabin lifts.

The options we provide will not only improve the accessibility of your property – enabling those with access needs to get around easily or future proofing a home for the possibility of extra requirements in later life – but will also add to its design and may increase its value.

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Our elegant Kensington Vertical Cabin Lift range provides the opportunity to design your ideal premium lift yourself. Select from a variety of colours and finishes and choose to include one-touch buttons and doors that are manual or powered, single swing or sliding.

For split levels or short ascents and descents – for example, to and from a slightly raised lobby area or bypassing steps – our Premium Scissor Platform Lifts are ideal. Choose from a variety of materials to precisely match the surrounding environment.

Should you require access to underground levels or down previously inaccessible light wells, we highly recommend our beautiful Light Well Lifts. Again, these designs can be perfectly adapted to suit the existing design of your property.

For a feature that creates an immediate impact and adds style and value to your property, the Shaftless Cabin Lift is perfect. With windows allowing views of the surrounding areas, this slick and modern design is affixed to the outside of a building, thus saving space inside.

Our range of premium lifts enables you to select a product that is ideal for your requirements and environment.

To ensure that our products are as budget-friendly as possible, we offer fixed rate lease finance that allows you to spread the cost of your new lift over a number of months.

Our expert tradesmen can also undertake the installation of your lift from start to finish. They can go so far as to create the ideal environment by moving obstructions or even building extensions.

For further information about our available products, or to discuss your plans or requirements, simply contact our team today on 023 8081 4924 or info@levellifts.co.uk. We’ll be more than happy to assist you with any help or advice you may need.

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