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Education Centre

Platform Lifts vs Passenger Lifts
What is a Platform Lift?
What is a Passenger Lift?
What is a Vertical Platform Lift?
What is a Platform Stairlift?
What is a Steplift?
What is a Low Pit Passenger Lift?
What Does Structure Supported Mean?
What is meant by an FX Structure?
What is meant by Wall Shaft Solution / Shaft by Others?
What is a Dumb Waiter?
What is a ‘Goods Only’ Lift?
What is a Lightwell Lift?
What is meant by Drive Type?
What is Hydraulic Drive?
How Does a Screw & Nut Drive work?
What is Traction Drive?
What does Rack & Pinion Drive mean?
What is a Scissor Lift?
What is a Hidden Lift?
What does FFL-FFL mean?
What does Lift Travel / Travel Height mean?
What is Headroom?
What does ‘Top Landing Served’ mean?
What is a Pit?
Types of Ramp
Number of Stops
What is a Lift Aperture?
What are Barrier Arms?
What are Safety Edges / Sensitive Edges?
What is a Light Curtain / Magic Eye?
What is an Interlock?
Pit Prop / Scotching Device
Control Cabinet / Pump Box
Lift Speed and How to Calculate Journey Times
Capacity / Rated Load / SWL (Safe Working Load)
What are Rails / Guides?
Mast Handing / Guide Side
Guide Backing Panels / Covering to Machine Side / Infill Panels
What is a Structural Fixing Hoop?
What is meant by Threshold?
What are Lifting Columns?
What Does ‘Side Hung’-Mean?
What is a Rucksack Lift?
Momentary Controls / Hold to Run Buttons
Latching Controls / One Touch Buttons
Tactile Push Buttons
COP – Car Operating Panel
What is a Platform?
What is a Cabin / Lift Car?
Sliding Doors (on landings)
Sliding Inner Car Door
Bus Door (Inner Car Door)
Single Swing Doors (on landings)
Manual Doors (on landings)
Powered Doors / Automatic Doors (on landings)
Panoramic Doors (on landings)
Fire Doors (on landings)
Centre Opening Doors (on landings)
Single Entry / Exit
Through Access
Adjacent Access
Footprint / Required Floor Area
Riser (Height) - Stairs
Going (Depth) - Stairs
Call Stations (Landing Pushes)
Autodialler (conventional)
GSM Autodialler
Telephone (for emergency use)
Intercom (for emergency use)
Digital Display Unit / Digital Position Indicator
Voice Annunciation / Audible Annunciation
Arrival Chime – Gong
Overload Device
Fire Alarm Shutdown
Tip Up Seat / Folding Seat
Keyswitch Isolation
Keyswitch Operation / School Locking
Emergency Lowering
UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply / Full Battery Backup)
Single Phase Supply (Power Supply)
3 Phase Supply (Power Supply)
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