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Our selection of platform lifts range from smaller and less space intruding solutions such as inclined and open vertical lifts. Whether you need something for business purposes, including goods lifts, or something more heavy-duty like our robust semi-enclosed platform lifts – We guarantee a lift to suit every need.

We ensure each vertical lift is designed carefully to serve a range of purposes, from home and industrial. Our inclined platform lifts generate a reliable and comfortable source of internal personal transport for smaller capacities. We also install and maintain vertical lifts that serve inside the business environment, transporting heavy loads between floors to avoid breaking health and safety laws and maintaining employee safety.

Our highly skilled and trained team can advise and answer any queries that you may have regarding vertical lifts, including what would suit your environment, budget and much more. Take a look at our range and give us a call to enquire further regarding our quality range of reliable vertical lifts. Level Lifts is a reliable supplier of lifts and lift alternatives in the UK, you can be confident trusting Level Lifts to find a solution to your level access dilemmas.

Vertical lifts provide an easy access option for wheelchair users or those who struggle to get up stairs. We offer a vast selection of vertical lifts that are trusted by both the LEIA (Lift and Escalator Industry Association) who are the advisory body for the lift and escalator industry, and also Constructionline who are a register for pre-qualified contractors and consultants.

Vertical lifts can come in a range of styles, whether that be platform lifts to transport goods between floors within a work environment or to inclined platform lifts used to transport disabled passengers up and down stairs. Level Lifts has an extensive selection of vertical lifts that have a wide range of applications and functions. Level lifts are leading suppliers of lifts and lift alternatives within the UK.


Swedish Style Platform Lift

Stylish and self contained. The electrically driven screw and nut driven lift will fit under the lowest of roofs and doesn’t need a pit in the floor. Easy to apply and budget friendly.


British Style Platform Lift

Aesthetic design coupled with dependable British Engineering. Hydraulically powered for comfort, reliability and long service intervals.


Heavy Duty / Large Platform Lift

The best of both worlds and all in a very affordable package. Various platform sizes are available, the largest of which will accommodate a bed or stretcher as well as an attendant. This lift can also be used for the transportation of goods as it has an incredible lifting capacity of 1000kg.

the entrance to a building with a plant in front of it.


What Are Vertical Lifts?

Vertical Lifts provide a safe and reliable solution when there are problems concerning accessibility. Here at Level Lifts, we supply Vertical Lifts to eliminate such problems in domestic properties but it’s in public buildings and commercial buildings that their true value often shines through.

Our Vertical Lifts are designed with the needs of those with reduced mobility or disabilities in mind. As well as this, they are tailored towards the requirements of the elderly who may find it difficult to climb stairs, along with parents with pushchairs. To ensure that all individuals feel independent, we provide Vertical Lifts in all shapes and sizes, offering a perfect fit to almost any area, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

There are countless reasons why Vertical Lifts are so popular, one of these being that they are considered to provide a practical solution for keeping all areas accessible. They are designed to suit areas of limited space and ensure that wheelchair users can still access the same facilities as everyone else.

When wheelchair users travel between levels, the Vertical Platform Lifts make it much easier and convenient, allowing them to transfer with ease. Our lifts also prevent the risk of serious injury, allowing passengers to transfer in a way that’s safe and comfortable- they enable them to remain in their wheelchair.

Vertical Lifts are said to be versatile and although they have a similar function and purpose to elevators, they are a cost-effective alternative to make.

Are Vertical Lifts Common in Businesses?

Often Vertical Lifts are required in businesses to offer a more convenient solution for accessing the premises. Instead of installing wheelchair ramps, which can be unsightly, we provide the Vertical Lifts to enhance the appearance of your commercial building. As well as this, ramps can take up an awful amount of space which doesn’t make your building look any more presentable.

Vertical Lifts are common in businesses. They tend to be found in schools that require wheelchair access because they are so spacious and reliable. By installing Vertical Lifts in your school, you essentially show that you accommodate for all needs and wants; ensuring that people who are physically challenged can still access the facilities and services that you have to offer!

Our Vertical Lifts are guaranteed to provide a solution for mobility, and this applies to any municipal buildings, theatres or offices. The way our Vertical Platform Lifts work is simple; they operate similarly to an elevator, transporting passengers safely and efficiently but without the heavy price tag.

Businesses usually choose Vertical Lifts to allow passengers to travel in confidence, maintaining a sense of privacy and comfort.

Where Is The Best Position For A Vertical Lift?

There is no right or wrong place that a Vertical Lift can be installed, it’s extremely versatile. Whether it be in the home or the workplace, the Vertical Lift is a fantastic addition to make and makes your property more welcoming for an array of visitors.

As a result of the Vertical Lifts being manufactured from high-quality, durable materials, they find a place within any home or business.

The best places to install a Vertical Lift often tends to be somewhere visible- somewhere that can be easily seen. When used inside working environments, Vertical Lifts allow for easy transportation and ensure that health and safety standards are met. In addition to this, the Vertical Lifts are designed to enhance employee safety.

Positioning Vertical Lifts near the stairs is also a good idea. To save wheelchair users attempting to climb the stairs, the Vertical Lifts make it much easier for them to reach various floor levels. A Vertical Lift from Level Lifts is designed to provide sufficient space for wheelchairs and carers.

When it comes to installing a Vertical Lift, it’s prudent to choose somewhere that will enhance accessibility. If you need any help choosing where to install a Vertical Platform Lift, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

How do vertical platform lifts work?

The way vertical platform lifts work is straightforward.

A screw pole runs the entire length of the shaft while a motor on the platform drives a nut that’s attached to the screw.

Both the motor and nut are affixed to the platform wall. When the lift is operated, the motor drives the nut, causing it to rotate around the screw.

When this happens, the lift will go either up or down, depending on which direction it is turning.

If the motor stops suddenly, the lift won’t fall or ‘dread drop’, it will simply sit on the thread.

If you’d like to know more about operating a vertical lift safely, talk to the team at Level Access Lifts today.

Are all vertical lifts suitable for outdoor use?

Vertical platform lifts come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in domestic and commercial settings.

Whilst some of the vertical lifts we supply can be used outdoors – providing a convenient means of entry for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility – this is not the case for them all.

If you’re looking to make your property more accessible from the outside (i.e. if there’s a steep ramp or steps leading up to your door), we recommend the British Style Platform Lift. This vertical lift can be used indoors and out, and travels a maximum of 7m (5 stops).

For help choosing the best vertical platform lift for your needs, call our specialists on 023 8081 4924.

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