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Wheelchair Lifts

Platform Lifts are available in all shapes and sizes, offering a suitable solution for transporting passengers and goods from one location to the next. Here at Level Access Lifts, we provide Platform Lifts to suit the requirements of an array of applications, so you needn’t worry about finding exactly what you need to enhance accessibility.

What is a Wheelchair Lift?

A Wheelchair Lift is a type of Platform Lift that can be used in the home or the business. Any Wheelchair Lifts that we provide are guaranteed to comply with the current regulations, ensuring that individuals with disabilities have the same opportunities to access facilities and utilise services.

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Investing in a Wheelchair Lift from Level Lifts will enable passengers to travel in comfort, meaning that they can remain in their wheelchair and still reach floors on various levels.

The Wheelchair Lift is designed to prevent restrictions, allowing individuals to travel safely in their wheelchair. We can install  Wheelchair Lifts in any area and to suit any budget, so be sure to check out our range of lifts below!

Why do you need a Wheelchair Stair Lift?

The Wheelchair Stair Lift is ideal if you’re looking to provide easy wheelchair access. We can provide a Wheelchair Stair Lift to suit public, domestic and commercial properties, allowing you to cater for the diverse needs and wants of all individuals, ensuring that they aren’t discriminated against.

When installing a Wheelchair Stair Lift, we need to consider the stairs that the lift will be attached to; will it operate on a curved or straight rail system?

The Wheelchair Stair Lift is designed to be compact and occupies very little space. It’s made to be robust and is considered to be safe and easy to use.

Where can the Wheelchair Platform Lift be placed?

Here at Level Access Lifts, we supply Wheelchair Platform Lifts in various styles, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Our Wheelchair Platform Lifts are manufactured to the highest quality, from hardwearing materials, meaning that they will last.

The Wheelchair Platform Lift provides a practical solution for mobility needs and will make the most of the space that you have available.

To find out more call us on 023 8081 4924, otherwise, browse our range of Wheelchair Lifts today!

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How much do Wheelchair Lifts cost?

There are many different wheelchair lifts on the market today, including inclined lifts that travel on a rail and are fitted alongside an existing staircase, and vertical lifts that resemble elevators but are not enclosed.

Besides the type of lift, basic lift mechanism and non-slip platform, several other factors determine the cost, including:

  • size and configuration of stairs
  • height and weight capacity requirements
  • preparation of the landing area
  • installation

Here at Level Access Lifts, we prefer to give our customers a full assessment and quotation as the price range is so variable. If you would like a quote for one of our wheelchair lifts – including installation – please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can either email your requirements and measurements to info@levellifts.co.uk, submit an online enquiry or call 023 8081 4924, and our team will gladly share their expertise and offer a great price.

How do you maintain a Wheelchair Lift?

Installing a wheelchair lift requires a little preparation but, if done correctly and well-maintained, will operate for many years to come. Once installed, we will service and check your lift for excessive wear and tear every twelve months.

When you invest in a wheelchair lift for your home or business, you should be provided with a guide which entails details on how you use it, how much maintenance it requires and what you need to do. Make sure you keep hold of this and take the time to learn the best practices for maintaining a wheelchair lift.

All our lifts come with 12-months parts and labour warranty (including servicing) as standard. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t keep an eye out for loose bolts, worn treads and poor electrical connections yourself, as these need to be tightly fastened and fitted correctly to ensure safe operation.

Our best advice would be to treat your wheelchair lift as you would a car. These lifts are mechanical and, from time to time, parts may need lubricating or adjusting by one of our experienced service engineers. Some parts might even need replacing.

We also recommend that – if you’re to ensure the longevity of the lift – you only use it for its intended purpose. Otherwise, it’s more susceptible to damage (both seen and unseen).

If you would like to know more about maintaining a wheelchair lift, you’re welcome to get in touch at any time.

How to choose a Wheelchair Lift

Wheelchair users can experience difficulty when going about their everyday lives. One of the most frustrating things they face is limited access, usually due to the stairs. However, a wheelchair lift is one of the safest – most comfortable – ways to move someone with mobility issues between floors in a home or other multi-storey buildings.

These lifts are available in an assortment of styles, but how do you know which is right for you?

Four factors to consider:

  1. Available space – wheelchair lifts can be installed inside and outside (depending on the size of your property and personal requirements). But they take up a lot of space, so you need to choose one that is suitable for the area.
  2. Type of lift – from platform lifts that transport passengers quickly and safely between varying heights to wheelchair lifts for stairs (or inclined platform stairlifts) that transfer both the wheelchair user and their chair in one go. We have something for everyone.
  3. Longevity – a wheelchair lift is supposed to be a lifetime investment – one that you can rely on for years to come. Be sure to check the maximum capacity it can hold and only purchase from a reputable manufacturer with excellent reviews (like us at Level Access Lifts!).
  4. Lift features – you might prefer a lift that operates quietly. Or perhaps you consider yourself a technophobe and want a wheelchair lift that’s simple to use. Whatever it may be, it pays to look carefully at a lift’s technical details and features.

Want an expert opinion on which wheelchair lift is right for your home or business? No problem, the Level Access Lifts team is always on hand to help and will be more than happy to assist. Just give us a call on 023 8081 4924 today.

How does a wheelchair lift work?

For the most part, platform lifts all work in a similar way. Usually relying on a motor, as well a particular drive type, platform lifts most commonly work on a Hydraulic, Screw & Nut or Traction and Chain drive.

Wheelchair lifts, although designed to serve a very specific purpose, are simply another type of platform lift. We supply a range of different wheelchair lifts for home, and commercial use as well as outdoor wheelchair lifts, and depending on the particular application can determine the technology used.

To ensure each type of wheelchair lift we produce fits the needs of the user, we encourage customers to explore our range of wheelchair lifts below, or to get in touch directly to discuss your specific requirements.

Can you install outdoor wheelchair lifts?

Absolutely! Whether you’re looking to update or install wheelchair lifts around your home, or need one for a commercial building, we can provide outside wheelchair lifts that suit your needs.

All of our wheelchair lifts are made using hardwearing, long-lasting materials that are suitable for outdoor applications. What’s more, they also come in a range of types to suit your requirements, including:

  • Straight rail wheelchair lifts
  • Curved rail stairlifts
  • Italian style low pit passenger lift
  • Shaftless cabin lift
  • Open style platform lift
  • Hidden lift
  • British style platform lift

To discuss in more detail our range of outdoor wheelchair lifts, simply get in touch with our team who will be happy to help!

Are your wheelchair lifts for home safe to use?

Yes. Here at Level Lifts, we have been supplying and installing lifts for over 20 years’, working with some of the most prestigious national landmarks and royal residences in England, Scotland and Wales. We pride ourselves on our innovative access solutions and ensure that whether it be for home or commercial use, every lift we make is safe and of the highest standards.

Our wheelchair lifts are of no exception, and we take the safety of our customers incredibly seriously. That’s why, where required, we have the skills and knowledge to provide turnkey solutions alongside reasonable finance options to ensure everyone is provided with the access they deserve.

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