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Lifts For Churches - Level Lifts

A choice of lifts for churches

If your congregation is having difficulty navigating obstacles – either inside or outside your building – we can help.

We understand that no two disabilities or individual needs are the same and every place of worship is different, which is why we offer a variety of lifting platforms and can tailor our services accordingly.

For example, if there are steps leading up to your church, a wheelchair lift will allow parishioners who need to remain in wheelchairs to enter and exit with ease. These lifts for churches incorporate ergonomic features and controls, providing a sense of autonomy for wheelchair users.

Inclined platform lifts (or platform stairlifts) and step lifts are another popular option for churches. These are suitable for internal and external use and can be installed next to a short flight of steps. One of the greatest advantages of a platform stairlift is that the seat can be folded up when it’s not in use, allowing others to use the stairs.

A vertical platform lift is also an excellent choice for places of worship – enabling wheelchair users and anyone who struggles to negotiate stairs to travel between varying floor levels safely.

Keep your church lift in working order

Installing a lift at your church – either inside or out (or both) – will show worshippers that you care and want to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for them to access your place of worship.

When you choose one of our lifts for churches, you can count on our engineers to service and maintain it too. That means you won’t need to worry about your lift being out of order for too long and causing disruption for the people attending worship.

Lifts For Churches

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about our lifts for churches, or you’re ready to invest in one, we encourage you to contact us.

Always on hand to help, we’d love to hear from you.

To speak to a member of the team, call 023 8081 4924. Or, if you prefer, email your requirements to info@levellifts.co.uk and we’ll be in touch soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of church lifts?

A church elevator is one of the best ways to enhance accessibility and inclusivity within a church setting and community.

The installation of wheelchair lifts guarantees that individuals facing mobility challenges can access different levels of a church building when attending services. This means that more members of the congregation can fully participate in activities, services, and events within your church community.

Wheelchair lifts are especially useful for older churchgoers, empowering them to move around the church’s facilities with ease. Church lifts are also great for families with prams and small children, as well as staff members or those carrying heavy equipment.

What's the difference between platform lifts and passenger lifts?

A platform lift is primarily designed for vertical or diagonal transportation of people in wheelchairs or with other mobility challenges, providing accessibility between different levels.

However, a passenger lift is best described as a stereotypical lift. Essentially, it’s an elevator designed to transport people between multiple floors of a building at a greater speed.

Both platform lifts and passenger lifts come in a range of different sizes and configurations to suit different architectural and usage requirements in commercial, residential, or institutional settings.

How long will a church lift take to install?

A church lift can take anywhere between a few days and a few weeks to install, depending on the size and type of lift.

Luckily, at Level Access Lifts, we have worked with customers from a variety of sectors on projects of different kinds, so we can confidently say that we have extensive expertise when installing platform lifts.

Our expert installers will keep you informed of the project and timeline from start to finish, and they will work as quickly and quietly as possible to minimise disruption, but we will not compromise safety. That means you can be confident that your church lift will be installed safely and correctly, allowing you to use it for years to come. To learn more, call 023 8081 4924.

Do you need planning permission to build a lift in a church?

The need for planning permission to install a lift in a church can depend on various factors, including the nature of the church building, its historical significance, and the proposed changes.

Generally, if the church is a listed building or located in a conservation area, planning permission is most probably needed. This is because listed buildings and conservation areas in the UK have additional regulations to preserve their historical and architectural character.

However, if the church is not listed and is not in a conservation area, you may be able to install a lift under permitted development rights without the need for planning permission. You should always check with your local planning authority to confirm the specific requirements and regulations applicable to your church and the proposed lift installation.

Consulting with a qualified architect or planning professional can also be beneficial in navigating the planning process and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Discover all you need to know about lifts for churches right here! If you have any questions or are ready to make changes to your church, call us on 023 8081 4924. Or, if you prefer email, send us a message at info@levellifts.co.uk and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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