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Cabin Lifts

Enclosed cabin lifts create a quality surrounding solution to transferring between levels swiftly and efficiently. Our cabin lifts involve an innovative design, developed to not only create pleasing aesthetics but to create a safe and confident mode of transport for the customers. Our easy to use cabin lifts are equipped with simplistic internal controls so any person of any ability can operate the system. The smooth vertical journey creates confidence and safety for users, as well as enabling swift and quick movements between internal building levels. Our cabin lifts are tailored to each individual preference, ensuring the design fits the environment as well as functioning in the appropriate way.

We pride ourselves on offering cabin lifts that function in a reliable and smooth fashion. Transport for those who are not physically able to use stairs is essential, therefore we aim to cater for these individuals with the utmost care, and integrating designs to ensure all are catered for, including spacious lifts for wheelchair users and capacity to fit larger numbers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding our cabin lifts, and our highly skilled and trained team can advise you as to which cabin lifts would suit your environment as well as any other related queries you may have.

An Enclosed cabin lift allows customers to transfer between floors in an enclosed, trusted and sturdy lift. Our cabin lifts enable passengers to transport between levels in a lift that is trusted and feels safe. We can offer cabin lift solutions that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, that are capable of lifting loads of up to 400kg at a time. Our cabin lifts are designed around safety: each cabin is “enclosed” with walls or infrared barriers, fitted with automatic safety leveling within +/- 20 mm and also equipped with a device for communication with others outside of the cabin. Not only do our cabin lifts boast the listed safety features they are also fitted with Electric locks to promise a safe journey.

Cabin lifts are a quality solution to transferring between levels quickly and efficiently. Level Lifts is a popular supplier of lifts in the UK. Level lifts has 20+ years’ experience in providing lifts across the UK to help with all elements of transporting people and goods across floors. Let Level Lifts help you meet the requirements of the Equality Act and part M of the Building Regulations.