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Open Vertical Platform Lifts

Offering a variety of open vertical platform lifts ensures all of our customers have something to suit their needs. We aim to cater to all needs, including smooth smaller less heavy duty level transfer with our Flexstep, Opal or LR900 models. We also can offer more heavy duty open vertical platform lift access including the Easylift, Independence, and HDN models. All of our open vertical platform lifts prioritise safety above all other aspects, as well as keeping aesthetics in mind, so your investment into a better lifestyle is not compromised by appearance. Our open vertical platform lifts are reliable and sturdy with a promise of satisfaction.

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Level Lifts offer a huge selection of open vertical platform lifts that are suitable to transport those who can’t use stairs between levels. Our selection of open vertical platform lifts are a perfect solution to providing access to wheelchair users and those who cannot get upstairs as easily. Our immense selection includes open vertical platform lifts that can effortlessly look elegant, like the HDN open vertical platform lift, which is hidden within the floor and is not visible when it’s in its lower position. Another of our stylish lifts is the Easylift open vertical platform lift which boasts a clean, simple design and requires minimal space.

If you would like to find out more about our services and products or are interested as to whether an open vertical platform lift could be installed in your business or home, contact a member of our team. Our highly skilled and trained team will be happy to assist you in any of your queries and can offer support with choosing a suitable open vertical platform lift for your environment. You can contact one of our trained advisors on 023 8081 4924 or alternatively you can use our contact us form to get in touch with a member of our team.

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What Is A Vertical Platform Lift?

A lift that operates vertically is often referred to as a Vertical Platform Lift. Designed to be simple, the Vertical Platform Lift travels a short distance and features an open platform or enclosed platform that is ideal for a wheelchair users.

Here at Level Lifts, we supply the Vertical Platform Lifts which are designed to be safe, reliable and easy to operate, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

A Vertical Platform Lift is often used in the home to assist those with limited mobility to reach areas that are often inaccessible, offering a sense of normality and comfort. Our lifts are designed to make it easier for wheelchair users to move between various levels, essentially removing the need to transfer from their chair and negotiate the stairs which can result in injury or discomfort. Within the business or retail environment, the Vertical Platform Lifts can not only improve accessibility but also complement the environment.

Vertical Platforms are often seen as a convenient alternative to installing a wheelchair ramp. They offer a less space intruding solution and are easy to maintain; can you afford to miss out?

How To Install A Vertical Platform Lift?

The process for installing a Vertical Platform Lift is simple and here at Level Lifts, we install the platform in a way that’s quick and easy. The Vertical Platform Lift is designed to provide quick and easy access to various floor levels, making sure that your building is accessible to everyone all abilities.

Depending on which Vertical Platform Lift you choose, the space that is required varies. We supply a wide range of Vertical Platform Lifts, each of which can be installed efficiently, either indoors or outdoors.

Leave it to the professionals at Level Lifts. We can save you the time and effort by taking care of the installation process and making sure that your Vertical Platform Lift meets relevant standards.

How Does A Vertical Platform lift Work?

Vertical Platform Lifts are designed to transport people or goods from one level to the next with ease, in line with Health and Safety Laws.

Primarily, Vertical Platform Lifts or wheelchair lifts were designed for outdoor use, however, they are used for various applications today and can be found indoors and outdoors. As a result of the Vertical Platform being used by the private and public sector, they are made from hard wearing, durable materials which allow you to improve accessibility effectively.

The Vertical Platform Lifts can be tailored to suit the demands of the domestic and the commercial sector, providing a comfortable method of transportation for those who struggle to walk or climb the stairs.

The wheelchair lifts are designed to be spacious, offering enough room for a wheelchair user and carer. The Vertical Platform Lifts offer a sense of privacy and dignity, allowing individuals to travel comfortably and safely.

Usually, the Vertical Platform Lift is operated internally by the passenger, preventing the need for an operator but granting anatomy for the wheelchair user, making it somewhat easier for everyone to access various floor levels.

How Much Does A Vertical Platform Lift Cost?

The cost of a Vertical Platform Lift varies depending on an array of factors. The Vertical Platform Lifts that we supply at Level Lifts are designed with the needs of those with mobility issues in mind. Our state of the art lifts are guaranteed to enhance accessibility and we cater to the requirements of those with disabilities, the elderly and those in recovery.

The cost of the Vertical Platform Lift is often influenced by the following:

  • The type of lift

You need to make sure that the Vertical Platform Lift matches your exact requirements and the requirements of customers. Selecting the right lift will enable you to keep your costs to a minimum and will ensure that you don’t pay more than you need to.

  • The finish

Vertical Platform Lifts can be customised to suit your exact needs but the final choice/finish can influence the overall cost.

  • The number of stops

Depending on how many stops the lift will make, you might need consider the amount of building work is required for each level.

  • Operation of the lift

For lifts that are controlled automatically, the cost can vary. Likewise, if an electrical supply is needed specifically to power the lift, you can expect this to add to the cost of your Vertical Platform Lift.

  • Construction work

Installing a lift may seem inexpensive, however, please remember to take into consideration the cost of any associated construction work.

To find out more about the cost of our Vertical Platform Lifts, call us on 0845 4662 999.

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