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Goods Lifts

Here at Level Access Lifts, we supply Platform Lifts to suit every situation, meeting and exceeding all requirements. Our Goods Lifts are specifically designed to offer easy access and makes light work of the transportation of goods.

What are Goods Lifts?

A Goods Platform Lift is a sturdy lift that is designed to aid the transfer of heavy loads in working environments, especially when they are spread across various levels. The Heavy Duty Goods Lifts, like the ILS 1K and the trolley lift, can be used to move heavy stock and appliances between floors.

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We also provide the Platform Goods Lift in smaller variations, such as the Microlift. The Microlift is a Goods Lift that comes in useful when transferring smaller volumes of stock, it’s therefore often the choice of restaurants who are looking to transfer food between levels in a way that’s efficient, discreet and reliable, making sure that products don’t lose heat or quality.

The Goods Platform Lift that we provide at Level Lifts offers an ideal solution for transporting goods discreetly in busy environments, could you benefit from one of our high-quality lifts today?

Where can Goods Lifts be used?

When choosing a Goods Lift, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Level Access Lifts! We supply the Platform Goods Lift which can be tailored to meet and exceed the requirements of your business.

Generally, the Goods Lift is found in retail or warehouse environments and is designed to deliver a sense of convenience. Our lifts are hardwearing and compliant with building regulations, making them a practical addition to any working environment.

Our lifts play an important part in moving goods within industrial settings; they’re designed to suit the demands of almost any quick-paced working environment, take retail, manufacturing, hotels and leisure for instance.

What are the benefits?

Goods Platform Lifts are valuable because not only do they offer smoother, less time-consuming transportation of goods, they also prevent the risk of employee injury. Installing a Platform Lift like the ones that we supply below will safeguard the well-being of your staff but you will benefit from improved levels of productivity too, allowing your employees to dedicate their time to other responsibilities within the workplace.

The Industrial Lift is considered to be an investment- one that is tailored towards the needs and wants of an array of industries. With the Industrial Lift being relied on every day, it’s only right that you find a Platform Goods Lift that withstands time, ultimately saving you time and manpower.

Unlike other lifts, like elevators and stairlifts, the Industrial Lift is designed specifically. It has a small footprint which makes it great for environments where space isn’t at a premium and is reliable in operation.

Get a quote today or contact a member of our highly skilled and trained team on 023 8081 4924 to gain more of an insight into how our Goods Platform Lifts work and how they can benefit you and your business.

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How Much Does A Goods Lift Cost?

Goods Lifts are designed to transfer light or heavy loads from one floor to the next. When it comes to transporting heavy goods between levels, you cannot go wrong with the Goods Lifts that we supply at Level Lifts.

A Goods Lift can assist with the movement of stock and appliances between floor levels, providing a suitable solution for discreet transportation. The cost of our Goods Lifts varies depending on several factors, including:


The bigger lifts provide more space for goods but with this often comes an additional cost. Lifts with more space cost more than the smaller ones but can transport more materials at a time, essentially speeding up the process of transportation.


Think about how much weight the lift needs to hold. Lifts that offer greater capacity like the Lightwell Lift are more expensive than the Dumb Waiters because they can withstand more impact.


We offer our lifts to suit indoor and outdoor applications, providing you with an affordable solution for transporting heavy goods. The distance that the lift needs to travel can also influence the cost of Goods Lifts. A Goods Lift should reach all floor levels, offering easy access.

To find out more about the cost of our Goods Lifts, be sure to contact us today!

How Often Should A Goods Lift Be Inspected?

If you’re to get the most out of your Goods Lift from Level Access Lifts, it needs to be regularly inspected to ensure that it performs reliably.

When Goods Lifts are installed in the workplace, you are held legally responsible for the lift and its operation. The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) states your responsibility, pointing out what is required of you in order to operate the lift safely.

Inspecting your Goods Lifts will ensure that you comply with LOLER, making sure that it’s well-maintained and in great working order. In addition to this, regular inspection allows you to identify any areas that require improvement, ensuring that any potential problems are resolved before dangerous consequences arise.

A lift inspection will provide you with the peace of mind that it’s performing efficiently and reliably- can you afford not to have your Goods Lift inspected?

In Which Type of Business are Goods Lifts Used?

Goods Lifts are used for various industrial applications and are often found in working environments. We provide our Goods Lifts to suit the requirements of all businesses, especially those who need to transport heavy goods between varying levels.

Any industries that deal with heavy goods and large loads can benefit from a Goods Lift. They are designed to suit all transportation needs and are great for moving products that are considered to be difficult to manoeuvre.

More often than not, the Goods Lifts are found in pubs, retail outlets, hotels and other businesses that deal with large deliveries. In pubs, the Goods Lift are used to transport food or stock, saving you the hassle of carrying heavy stock to the cellar. Retail stores use the Goods Lifts to move stock from one area to another, they make it somewhat easier for you. In hotels, the Goods Lifts that we supply can come in extremely useful; they allow you to move luggage and goods from one floor to the next with ease, eliminating the need to use the stairs.

Put simply, our lifts are used to suit an array of industries, allowing you to move items quickly and safely. Could you benefit from a Goods Lift?


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