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Whether transporting food from kitchen to restaurant, stock from storeroom to shop floor, or documents from office to archive, our range of service lifts is all about making life easier.

Be sure to check out our dumbwaiter lifts!

What is a dumbwaiter lift?

Dumbwaiters were first invented in the 19th century and see widespread use still to this day – allowing the movement of goods (not people) between floors.

A dumbwaiter is typically used to bring food up to a restaurant dining room from kitchens below and to take dirty dishes and cutlery back down to be washed.

However, they are considered a discreet yet essential device for most commercial environments, including hotels, hospitals, and day-care centres, to name just a few.

Dumbwaiters to suit every need

A dumbwaiter lift makes a cost-effective addition to any pub, restaurant, retail outlet, office, medical practice, or private home.

Boasting modular construction, these lifts can be installed in almost any size, in any building, for any purpose – suiting your specific requirements.

We provide a choice of car sizes, lifting capacities, and configurations, including Standard, Double Decker (two lift cars in the same shaft), or Bottom Drive (when it is not practical to have the drive motor on top of the shaft).

Our dumbwaiters are also available in a variety of finishes, including baked enamel or stainless steel, with options such as shelves and food heaters.

Thanks to their simple self-supporting structures, installation typically takes between 1-2 days – ensuring minimal disruption for your business.

Find your ideal dumbwaiter lift

Here at Level Access Lifts, we provide a wide range of dumbwaiters that are suitable for various situations.

Whether you’re looking to transport food between a kitchen and dining area, move stationery from one floor to the next in the office, or transfer patients’ records to different departments in a hospital, give us a call on 023 8081 4924. We will make sure that your requirements are fully met.


Technical Details

Maximum Travel30m / 12 stops
Minimum Platform Size19 Standard Sizes + Special Sizes - Please Enquire
Maximum Platform Size19 Standard Sizes + Special Sizes - Please Enquire
Rated load50kg / 100kg
Pit DepthProject Specific
Travel SpeedUp to 0.35m/sec
HeadroomProject Specific
Entrance Configuration(s)Through Access / Adjacent Entrances
Door Type(s)Rise & Fall Shutters / Hinged Doors
Flooring Type(s)N/A
Lift Colours / FinishesGrey Baked Enamel or Stainless Steel Doors
Internal FinishesChoice of Car Finishes (plus Shelves, Heaters etc)
Fixing Method(s)FX Structure for cladding by Builder
Power Supply Requirement220v Single Phase
ConformityEuropean Machinery Directive
Country of ManufactureItaly / Great Britain
Dumb Waiters - Level Lifts

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can a dumbwaiter lift be used?

A dumbwaiter is a small freight lift, traditionally used to transport food, crockery, and other small supplies from lower-level kitchens to a restaurant above. It can also be used to help waiters to move dirty dishes to the kitchen, reducing the need for waiters to carry them on the stairs.

Transferring goods safely and efficiently is key for many hospitality and catering industries – but dumbwaiters can also be used in:

  • Stores to transfer products from the warehouse to the shop floor
  • Breweries and pubs to bring up kegs from the cellar
  • Banks to carry valuables between multi-level floors
  • Hospitals to make sure patients get food and medication quickly
  • Offices to bring documents from the office to archive, and vice versa

What are the benefits of a dumbwaiter lift?

Dumbwaiters are often used to move goods between varying levels in commercial environments, including hotels, restaurants, and hospitals – and it’s with good reason.

A dumbwaiter lift can save time. Instead of carrying heavy goods up and down the stairs, a dumbwaiter can transport them within seconds.

Offering the convenience of an elevator but with a much smaller footprint, they can save space, too. Ideal if floor space is at a premium in your building.

Repeatedly carrying items up and down the stairs can put a lot of strain on your back – especially if they’re heavy or awkwardly shaped. It also makes it difficult for you to watch your footing, increasing the risk of you falling and damaging whatever it is you’re carrying. However, using a dumbwaiter lift to transfer valuable items and food can enhance safety.

As well as preventing damages and keeping wastages to a minimum, this helps your business to save money and boosts staff productivity at the same time.

To find out more about the advantages of installing a dumbwaiter lift, get in touch with the team.

How much weight can a dumbwaiter hold?

Dumbwaiters are designed to carry goods – not people.

The lifts we supply at Level Access Lifts come in a choice of car sizes and configurations but, as standard, they can hold either 50kg or 100kg. They travel up to 30m (or 12 stops), too.

If you’d like to know more about the rated load of our dumbwaiters and which one is most suitable for your needs, you’re welcome to contact us on 023 8081 4924.

How much does a dumbwaiter cost?

The price of a dumbwaiter lift can vary depending on several factors, including travel, configuration, number of floors, the location of installation, and finishes.

For example, the faster the lift travels, and the more floors it covers, the more you will pay.

If you require a special platform size or any other additional features (i.e. shelves, heaters, etc.), you can also expect the cost to be higher.

Something else to factor into your budget is the amount of building work required and the time it will take to install your dumbwaiter lift.

At Level Lifts, we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices and are confident that one of our dumbwaiters will provide a cost-effective solution for your building.

So, why not request a free, no-obligation quote for a dumbwaiter lift today? Either fill out the online enquiry form or give us a ring.

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