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Goods Only Lift – Shaft by Others


Ideal for Commercial and Industrial Applications, our range of Goods Only Lifts (passengers not permitted) are available in a multitude of sizes, configurations and Capacities. Only a shallow pit is required and the builders work is minimal. The perfect solution for Warehouses, Self-Storage Depots, Retail (back of house), Factories, Workshops etc. This lift is installed against a load-bearing wall or vertical steel frame, meaning that the remainder of the shaft can be constructed of various materials to suit the customer’s needs. The shaft doors can be supplied by the customer so as to match the decor. This method is an extremely cost effective way of installing a heavy duty Goods Lift.

Technical Details

Maximum Travel:
12m / 4 stops
Minimum Platform Size:
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Maximum Platform Size:
1800 x 2500mm
Rated Load:
Pit Depth:
120mm - 250mm
Travel Speed:
0.15 m/sec
2000mm (min)
Entrance Configuration(s):
Single Entry / Through Access / Adjacent Entracnes
Door Type(s):
Manual Single or Double Hinged
Flooring Type(s):
Steel Plate
Lift Colours / Finishes:
None - Shaft by Others
Internal Finishes:
Steel Plate - Powder Coated
Fixing Method(s):
Wall Mounted with Shaft by Others
Power Supply Requirement:
415v 3 Phase
European Machinery Directive
Country of Manufacture:

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