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Shaftless Cabin Lift


Add value and more than a little panache to your home with the totally unique and revolutionary QuattroPorte Shaftless Cabin Lift. It is no longer necessary to set aside valuable internal space for a lift. Instead QuattroPorte glides effortlessly up and down the outside wall, whilst providing panoramic views. When the cabin is upstairs, the area below it is freed up for access (i.e. you can walk or drive underneath it). The landing doors are thermally insulated and form part of the lift equipment. QuattroPorte is capable of rising 13m (4 stops) with a maximum lifting capacity of 275kg.

Technical Details

Indoors & Outdoors
Maximum Travel:
13m / 4 stops
Minimum Platform Size:
860mm x 975mm (not Part M Compliant)
Maximum Platform Size:
1160 x 1275mm (not Part M Compliant)
Rated Load:
Pit Depth:
Travel Speed:
Project Specific
Entrance Configuration(s):
Single Entry / Through Access / Adjacent Entrances
Door Type(s):
Single Swing
Flooring Type(s):
Non Slip
Lift Colours / Finishes:
Choice of Finishes & Branding Available
Internal Finishes:
Choice of Finishes & Branding Available
Fixing Method(s):
Wall Fastened
Power Supply Requirement:
220v Single Phase
European Machinery Directive
Country of Manufacture:

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