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Italian Style Low Pit Passenger Lift – Bespoke Sizes


Customisable cabin sizes (to suit existing spaces) and a seemingly endless combination of finishes and options make our Italian Style Low Pit Passenger Lifts an ever popular choice. Whether you are looking to future proof your home, create a stunning focal feature or provide universal access to your public building, our Italian Style Low Pit Passenger Lift range really can do it all. The Kensington Vertical Cabin Lift range offers the same benefits as a traditional Platform Lift (minimal builders work, low pit, low headroom etc.) but has all of the characteristics of a conventional Passenger Lift. The landing doors can be manual or powered, single swing or automatic side opening (sliding) and the lift buttons can be one touch. The cabin is truly customisable due to the vast range of finishes available and can be installed either into the customers own shaft or provided in a glazed structure.

Technical Details

Indoors & Outdoors
Maximum Travel:
20m / 5 stops
Minimum Platform Size:
500mm x 820mm (not Part M Compliant)
Maximum Platform Size:
1100 x 2200mm
Rated Load:
450kg / 630kg
Pit Depth:
120mm - 180mm
Travel Speed:
2250mm - 2600mm
Entrance Configuration(s):
Single Entry / Through Access / Adjacent Entrances
Door Type(s):
Side Opening (Sliding) / Single Swing
Flooring Type(s):
Non Slip Rubber / Vinyl / Timber
Lift Colours / Finishes:
Choice of Finishes & Branding Available
Internal Finishes:
Choice of Finishes & Branding Available
Fixing Method(s):
Shaft by Others / Self-Supporting Structure
Power Supply Requirement:
220v Single Phase
European Machinery Directive
Country of Manufacture:

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