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3 Phase Supply (Power Supply)

Heavy machinery often depends upon connection to a 3 phase power supply. Some platform lifts will also require this type of power supply. Before committing to the purchase of a lift, be sure that you have 3 phase available in your building as adding it at a later date will undoubtedly prove disruptive and expensive. Whilst some heavy duty platform lifts have to have a 3 phase supply in order to lift the required load, others can be supplied with a device called an inverter (for an additional cost) which will then allow a single phase supply to be used. If you are not sure then always ask before committing to a purchase.

Author: Nick Dade. Sales Director (Level Access Lifts Ltd).
Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed within this Education Centre are solely those of the original author/s. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of any given lift manufacturer or lift industry association.
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