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Tip Up Seat / Folding Seat

Platform Lifts are generally used by people in wheelchairs, parents with buggies and those who find it difficult to climb stairs. For the latter, a tip up seat might be considered. As the name suggests, it is a seat that can be folded down when required and folded away after use. Tip up seats make clever use of the available space, however, depending upon the lift design the seat may encroach upon the usable platform space a little. Please note that due to different construction methods, some manufacturers are not able to offer Tip Up Seats in their vertical platform lifts. If you require a seat in your lift, be sure to ask the lift company before committing to a purchase.

Author: Nick Dade. Sales Director (Level Access Lifts Ltd).
Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed within this Education Centre are solely those of the original author/s. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of any given lift manufacturer or lift industry association.
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