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Lifts For Social Housing - Level Lifts


A small residential lift designed to meet the requirements of the budget conscious without compromising on style or comfort. SWIFT Lite offers many of the same features as the SWIFT Pro, such as Eco Drive, AntiTrap, SWIFT Safety and SWIFT Remote.

A convenient access solution

The SWIFT Lite is ideal if climbing the stairs has become a challenge or you or a loved one needs to use a wheelchair to mobilise. This small lift will allow everyone to retain their independence and conveniently access the rooms both upstairs and downstairs.

Classic elevator buttons make the lift straightforward to operate. The stylish control panel features numbers 1-6 (depending on how many floors there are in your home), and you simply select the one you want to go to.

A stylish design

SWIFT Lite comes in Traffic White (RAL 9016), Jet Black (RAL 9005) or Gold, with an image bond ArtWall, white LED side lights and black vinyl flooring as standard. The carpet is a woven vinyl, meaning it’s easy to clean.

You may wish to choose one of the Ege carpet options. Ege is a Danish design company that’s one of the leading manufacturers of sustainable yet high-quality carpets in Europe. The yarn is a recycled microfibre.

Depending on your interior décor, it will either blend perfectly or stand out and make a stylish statement.

Eco Drive (A-Rated Energy Consumption)

SWIFT Lite is 100% battery driven and utilises less power than a microwave, for example.

Offering dynamic charging technology (inspired by Tesla), the batteries recharge as the lift descends. This means that every 4th trip won’t cost you a penny.

To save more money and reduce your energy consumption even further, you may consider connecting your SWIFT Lite to solar panels.

Remote control operation

The SWIFT Lite includes an alarm and emergency stop button which will allow you to alert others to an emergency and bring the lift to a halt.

However, when it’s connected to your Wi-Fi at home, we will be able to monitor your lifts performance remotely. If necessary, we can make slight adjustments remotely – ensuring maximum safety and minimising downtime.

SWIFT Lite - a small house lift

This small house lift is designed to meet the requirements of a limited budget whilst offering a stylish and comfortable solution for travelling between varying floor heights safely.

SWIFT Safety

Your home needs to be safe for everyone – from children to elderly relatives and family pets.
Luckily, the SWIFT Lite has safety sensors and doors that prevent little fingers (and paws) from getting caught and squeezed, and it’s equipped with a child lock and options to restrict access to certain areas of your home.
Whilst the home lift is easy for users to operate themselves, it features a dual safety break, too. This means that it can be accessed remotely by the SWIFT service team if there are any emergencies.

Anti-Trap System

With the SWIFT Lite home lift, you don’t need to worry about getting trapped inside if there’s a power cut. This is because it incorporates a Tesla-inspired battery solution.
The SWIFT’s unique anti-trap system ensures that the lift operates at normal speed and functionality at all times, meaning you’ll never be stranded on one floor.

Control System

Controlling the SWIFT Lite couldn’t be easier.
It’s powered by Thor Engineering™ software, which is one of the smartest and most reliable elevator control systems in the world.
This means that it typically responds 20% faster to user commands than other systems on the market.

Technical Specifications


Number of floors2 to 6 floors​
Weight capacity250 kg/ 3 persons or 400 kg/ 5 persons
Speed0.15 m/s (0,3m/s optional)
DriveScrew & Nut EcoDrive with Dynamic Charge
Power Supply220 V 1-phase, 6A (8A fuse), 900W
Control SystemThor Engineering™
Lift ControlOne Touch
Anto-Trap SystemIncluded (Full operation battery backup)
Automatic lubricationIncluded
Smart Home IntegrationNo
SWIFT SafetyIncluded
Technical ComplianceEuropean Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC / European standard EN81-41
SustainabilityMore than 90% recyclable material

Technical Specifications

The Shaft

Color of shaftTraffic White​ RAL 9016​, Jet Black RAL 9005​ (Color type: Jotun Anti-Scratch with Sahara texture finish and gloss 12%)​
Total travel250 to 15 000 (mm​)
Top height2 275 to 3 500 (mm)
Doors / Floor1
Shaft lightNo
CeilingCeiling and Top Lid optional
Shaft materialSteel (10 mm) and laminated clear glass (10 mm)
DoorsDouble glass doors
Automatic door openers/closerIncluded
Backside coverOptional

Technical Specifications

The Platform

Platform sizes (mm)S, M, L, XL
CarpetVinyl Black (standard), Ege Carpet ECONYL© – Una Micro Grey (optional)
ArtWallImage Bond White
Side lightsWhite 6500K
Control panelTouch Buttons
Emergency phoneOptional – Safeline™ with cable or GSM
Emergency stop buttonIncluded
Platform bottom coverNo

Technical Specifications

Installation & Service

InstallationRecessed installation 50 mm in a pit or directly on floor with a door sill​
Warranty5 years of lift, 10 years of drive
SWIFT RemoteOptional

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