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Our most advanced home lift model with premium design features, a dynamic 10-inch touch display and a multitude of options for personal settings.

It’s designed to accommodate the needs of wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility or disabilities, allowing them to travel between varying floor heights with ease (and style!).

We push visual boundaries

SWIFT Pro is a home lift that combines technology and aesthetics like no other.

Lights, colours, contours, and audio work together to push the boundaries of what contemporary interior design can achieve whilst making your home safer and more accessible.

The SWIFT Pro is available in White (RAL 9016), Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016), Grey White (RAL 9002), Jet Black (RAL 9005) or Gold.

The ArtWalls are easily changed and new designs will be added regularly.

Creative and stylish motion

Using motion design and audio effects, the display and ArtWall screensaver gives your home a stylish look, paired with the immersed unexpected visual effects.

Whilst we supply the SWIFT Pro with a choice of 4 platform sizes (S, M, L, or XL), you can also customise the SWIFT PRO by setting specific floor names, adding descriptions and selecting icons from the SWIFT library.

Eco Drive (A-Rated Energy Consumption)

The SWIFT Pro home lift is 100% battery driven and uses less power than a microwave. Featuring Tesla-inspired dynamic charging technology, batteries are charged as the lift moves downwards, meaning that every 4th trip is free!

You can also choose to connect your lift to solar panels. At full operation, energy consumption is similar to an A-rated dishwasher.

To add to the lift’s sustainability, more than 90% of the components are recyclable.

SWIFT Pro carpets

You have a choice of 5 carpeted options for your SWIFT Pro. These are manufactured by a Danish design company called Ege Carpets, which is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sustainable high-quality carpets. Each carpet is made with ECONYL®, microfibers from nylon waste and recycled plastic bottles from the ocean.

SWIFT Pro - Our Most Advanced Residential Lift

Boasting premium design features and a dynamic touchscreen display, the SWIFT Pro is one of the most advanced residential lifts we provide. It can be customised to suit your needs, too.

SWIFT Safety

If your grandparents have reduced mobility or your children are learning to walk, you may be worried about them using the SWIFT Pro.

But this needn’t be the case, as SWIFT have developed smart doors and safety sensors. These prevent little limbs from getting trapped and allow elderly people enough time to stabilise themselves before the lift starts to move.

On top of this, the SWIFT Pro can be equipped with a child lock, and there are options to restrict users from accessing certain areas.

To put your mind at ease, the residential lift has dual safety brakes – allowing you to halt operation any time an emergency strikes.

Though it’s straightforward to operate using the touchscreen display, the SWIFT service team can access it remotely to provide support as and when you need it.

Anti-Trap System

SWIFT residential lifts come with a unique Tesla-inspired drive system, where batteries are charged as the lift moves up and down.

Though this means they consume less power, it also gives you the peace of mind that you won’t end up trapped inside the lift if there is a power failure.

The unique anti-trap system will ensure that the SWIFT Pro will operate at the usual speed no matter what.

Control System

The SWIFT Pro uses computing software that’s powered by Thor Engineering™.

As one of the smartest and most powerful elevator control systems around, the SWIFT home lift responds to user commands up to 20% faster than any other, making it a truly reliable addition to your home.

Technical Specifications


Number of floors2 to 6 floors​
Weight capacity250 kg/ 3 persons or 400 kg/ 5 persons
Speed0.3 m/s (adjustable by user from touch display)
DriveScrew & Nut EcoDrive with Dynamic Charge
Power Supply220 V 1-phase, 6A (8A fuse), 900W
Control SystemThor Engineering™
Lift ControlOne Touch
Anto-Trap SystemIncluded (Full operation battery backup)
Automatic lubricationIncluded
Smart Home IntegrationOptional – 8 I/O card
SWIFT SafetyIncluded
Technical ComplianceEuropean Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC / European standard EN81-41
SustainabilityMore than 95% recyclable material

Technical Specifications

The Shaft

Color of shaftTraffic White​ (RAL 9016)​, Grey White (RAL 9002), Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016), Jet Black (RAL 9005)​ (Color type: Jotun Anti-Scratch with Sahara texture finish and gloss 12%)​
Total travel250 to 15 000 (mm​)
Top height2 275 to 3 500 (mm)
Doors / Floor1
Shaft lightOptional – White 6500K (adjustable from display)
CeilingCeiling with white LED 6500K included. RGB LED and Top Lid optional.
Shaft materialSteel (10 mm) and laminated clear glass (10 mm)
DoorsDouble glass doors
Automatic door openers/closerIncluded
Backside coverOptional

Technical Specifications

The Platform

Platform sizes (mm)S, M, L, XL
CarpetEge Carpet ECONYL© – Denim Blue, Stitch Green, Stitch Black, Denim Stripe, Linen Grey
ArtWallOpal with LED, Orientalic White with LED, Bird with LED, Stockholm Grid with LED, Bamboo with LED.
Side lightsWhite 6500K
Control panel10-inch dynamic touch display.
Emergency phoneSafeline™ with cable or GSM
Emergency stop buttonIncluded
Platform bottom coverOptional

Technical Specifications

Installation & Service

InstallationRecessed installation 50 mm in a pit or directly on floor with a door sill​
Warranty5 years of lift, 10 years of drive
SWIFT RemoteOptional

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