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Already got wheelchair ramps and dedicated parking spaces for Blue Badge holders and parents with young children? Not sure what else you can do to make your business more accessible?

Well, we’ve got great news for you.

Here at Level Access Lifts, we are a UK leading provider of lifting platforms and are confident our platform lifts can help you to overcome accessibility issues.     

Let’s take a look at what platform lifts are, the benefits they can bring, and how they vary in price. This way, you should be able to make an informed decision as to whether one of these lifting platforms is the perfect solution for your business.

What is a platform lift?

A platform lift is a moving platform primarily designed for disability access, making it easier for those who have difficulty using the stairs.

Although there are several different types available – including open lifts, enclosed lifts and inclined platform lifts (also known as platform stairlifts) – they typically serve two or more floor levels and allow wheelchair users, elderly people and those with prams to access the same services as everyone else.

What are the benefits of installing a platform lift?

There are several ways a platform lift can benefit your business.

For example, it will enhance the safety of your staff, customers and visitors – allowing them to move between floors safely and comfortably. This also helps to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace.

Platform lifts show clients who are often faced with limitations that you value their custom and want to make it as convenient (and comfortable) as possible for them to access your products and services.

If people know that your building is accessible, they will be more inclined to visit and may even recommend you to others – helping you to attract more customers and boost your profits in the long run.

A platform lift is easy enough for users to operate independently too. Instead of being assisted by a member of staff or carer, they can explore the products and services you offer in their own time.

How much does a platform lift cost?

It’s difficult to provide an exact figure for platform lifts as it typically depends on the manufacturer, location, height and custom options.

As you’d expect, the more custom options you choose (i.e. landing gates, automatic doors and glazing), and the further it needs to travel, the more you can expect to pay for a platform lift.

However, before we offer a fair price, we will work alongside you and your team to determine the best location for a lift – taking into account available space and the access needs of your staff, clients and visitors. We’ll also consider your budget requirements as well as your style and design preferences.

Invest in a platform lift today

If you’ve decided a platform lift is exactly what your business is missing in attracting customers old and new, then be sure to get in touch with Level Access Lifts. We’re always on hand to help and will gladly share our expertise, ensuring you make an informed decision for your business.

To discuss your requirements in more detail with a member of our friendly team, simply give us a call on 023 8081 4924. Alternatively, why not drop us an email at info@levellifts.co.uk? We’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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