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January is here and, yet again, many of us are making New Year’s Resolutions.

Whilst your personal goal might be to eat healthier, exercise more, or lose weight – the question is, what can business owners do in 2022 to make their products and services more accessible to customers?

All businesses – no matter how big or small – have a duty to provide disabled access. Although you could (and should!) put a ramp at the entrance of your building, and provide wide parking spaces for wheelchair users and parents with young children, you need to ensure your property is accessible on the inside too.

Luckily, there are several options for accommodating those with disabilities, families with pushchairs, and the elderly. From elevators that are sleek, reliable, and frequently used in large shopping centres and office blocks to stairlifts that are compact, low cost, and easy to operate. Platform lifts are also great for businesses.

What is a platform lift?

Exactly as its name implies, a platform lift allows a platform to rise up and down – making it easier for those with disabilities or limited mobility to access varying floor heights safely, both indoors and outdoors.

They offer the privacy of an elevator at the price of a stairlift.

Admittedly, an elevator is more high-tech and is often big enough to carry several passengers at once, but a platform lift allows users to travel with ease in a dignified way.

Plus, unlike stairlifts that are slow, platform lifts have easy to operate controls and won’t result in people queueing on the stairs.

5 good reasons your business should install a platform lift

1.    Safety

Regardless of what industry you work in, health and safety should be at the heart of everything you do.

Keeping the floors clean and providing handrails on one, or both, sides of the stairs will reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls. However, installing a platform lift will enable people who are confined to wheelchairs, or less stable on their feet and reliant on walking aids, to move between floors safely and securely.

2.    Autonomy

One of the biggest benefits of installing a platform lift is that it allows customers to move freely at their own pace. They needn’t worry about holding people up on the stairs or waiting for someone to push them up steep ramps in their manual wheelchair.

Platform lifts help people to remain independent. They can engage with your business and explore the products and services you offer without having to remove themselves from their wheelchair or be assisted by a member of staff.

3.    Confidence

The thought of a disabled loved one negotiating the stairs, or someone who has reduced mobility, is a huge concern for many. How will they get themselves and their wheelchair up the stairs? What if they miss a step and fall?

The good news is, platform lifts are straightforward to operate and allow wheelchair users to wheel on and off the lift – giving family and friends the peace of mind that they can travel comfortably with their dignity intact.

4.    Efficiency

Platform lifts are designed to carry large amounts of weight without sacrificing speed or the safety of passengers. They’re energy-efficient too, so your business won’t incur a big bill every month!

Another advantage of these lifts is that they are ideal for moving goods and merchandise. For example, waiters and waitresses in restaurants don’t need to worry about carrying plates of food and trays of drinks up and down the stairs. Similarly, the lift can transport heavy goods and boxes to the appropriate place, saving warehouse staff the arduous job and saving bags of time in the process.

5.    Equality

Installing a platform lift shows your clients that you care about them and value their loyal custom, which sends out a positive message about your business.

Having one (or more) of these lifts at your property ensures that anyone and everyone can access, and you have the appropriate provisions in place for those who are often faced with limitations.

In addition to providing customers and visitors with a convenient solution for accessing all areas of your business, platform lifts ensure your company meets legislative requirements (Part M, Section 4.2 of the Equality Act). Win-win.

Ready to install a platform lift at your business?

Level Access Lifts is the UK’s leading provider of lifting platforms.

They have been providing and installing lifts for banks, restaurants, cafes, garages and shops throughout the country for many years – including Barclays, Las Iguanas, Starbucks, BP and Morrisons, to name just a few.

To find out more about their platform lifts and how they can tailor their services to suit your business needs, get in touch with them on 023 8081 4924.

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