Step lifts are a great way of making an area accessible for all, as they allow those that have mobility problems an opportunity to access elevated areas. As a result, they have become a mainstay in many commercial buildings and even domestic properties of those that need them. Their ability to help the day to day lives of many is why they have become popular in so many indoor and outdoor areas around the world.

But, before you take the plunge and purchase one for yourself, there are some considerations you should make. One of these is where exactly you plan on installing your step lift, and if it is safe and logistical to do so. This is why at Level Lifts, the experts in step lifts, we thought we would give you the low down on how to pick the perfect position to install your lift of choice.

Where are step lifts found?

First of all, we thought we would discuss a little more about where you can find step lifts. This will give you a sense of the things you need to consider before installing your own.

Step lifts are normally found in commercial buildings that experience a high amount of traffic. This gives regular visitors such as employees and one-off visitors, who experience mobility issues, a chance to reach all areas of a multi-storey building.

However, in an effort to be more inclusive, buildings that experience a low volume of traffic are also now choosing to install a step lift – allowing full access for those who are restricted to a wheelchair.

Do you have enough space?

So, you feel like a step lift is a good fit for your facility? Now it is time to consider where to install it. Not only does the lift itself need to be big enough for a wheelchair, but you will also need to leave additional space around the step lift – which allows users to enter and exit safely, without feeling like they are “in the way”.

At Level Lifts, we are on hand to list the minimum and maximum platform size for all of our lifts so you can plan accordingly.

Not too out of the way

You certainly don’t want users to feel they are in the way as they wait for the step lift. But, at the same time, you don’t want it to be hidden from sight and impossible for users to find. It’s a fine balance. And, admittedly, in a busy building, it can be hard to achieve. But making sure your disabled access is well signposted will help.

Make sure you think carefully and plan for this aspect of its positioning, so your lift can truly be accessible for all, and not just those that happen to be close by!

Easy electrical access

Unsurprisingly, installing a step lift is a procedure that requires a fair amount of electrical expertise. This is something we have in abundance here at Level Lifts, but all parties can benefit if you choose to position your lift in an area that has easy access to the mains. Here we can easily hook up your step lift to the rest of the electrics in your building, ensuring that there is a reliable source of power to your lift, minimising the chance of a fault.

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