If you have ever spun a nut along the thread of a screw with your fingers (from one end to the other) then you will be able to visualise how this simple yet effective drive method works. Although somewhat larger, a Vertical Platform Lift Screw & Nut Drive works on the same principle. The drive nut is connected to the lift platform and is driven by an electric motor (usually via a belt). When the user presses a directional button, the nut spins and climbs its way up or down the screw thread (which is lubricated during travel by an on-board oiler). This drive method has some distinct advantages over other drive methods. Firstly, there is no need to find space for a control cabinet as the drive motor is contained within the footprint of the lift. Secondly, screw lifts require very little headroom (typically 2300mm above top landing served) and this dimension does not vary in relation to the travel distance.

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