As the name suggests, a Passenger Lift is an elevator (lift) designed for the transportation of people (passengers). The passengers are fully enclosed within a lift car (sometimes called a cabin) and as such never see the inside of the lift shaft. Passenger Lifts fall under the Lifts Directive and as such can travel at higher speeds than Platform Lifts (essential when serving a large number of floors) and can be designed to take more weight / people. They are designed to overcome the issues presented by high rise buildings and/or applications where the use will be heavy / sustained (such as Shopping Centres, Hospitals etc). Passenger Lifts are often more expensive than Platform Lifts and require a greater degree of Builders Work – e.g. a pit will always be required (deep enough for an Engineer to crouch in), a large amount of headroom (for the Engineers safety as he may work on the top of the lift car) and separate plant / machine room (dependent upon model).

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