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What is a Platform Stairlift?

Whereas a conventional domestic stairlift is designed to transport a seated user in their home, a Platform Stairlift has a fold away platform that accommodates a wheelchair, meaning that the user can remain in their wheelchair throughout the entire journey. Platform Stairlifts are most commonly used in public buildings and are generally categorised into the following groups; Straight Rail – This is where the lift rail is set at the same angle as the staircase / handrail and has no curves or bends in it. Curved Rail – these are used to negotiate bends / curves and also changes in gradient such as mid-landings.

Author: Nick Dade. Sales Director (Level Access Lifts Ltd).
Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed within this Education Centre are solely those of the original author/s. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of any given lift manufacturer or lift industry association.
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