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What is meant by Wall Shaft Solution / Shaft by Others?

It is not always necessary to provide a lift complete with its own structure. If there is a load bearing wall available (either on its own or within an existing lift shaft) then some Platform Lifts (typically with a cabin) can be supplied without a structure. This fixing method is more akin to a conventional passenger lift installation, where the lift guides bolt directly to the customers wall. As a structure is not provided, then this method often proves to be less expensive, even if the Builder does have to form the other 3 sides of the shaft afterwards. Platform Lifts with their own cabins (Low Pit Passenger Lifts) can be installed in this way, whereas a conventional vertical platform lift would not typically be installed like this.

Author: Nick Dade. Sales Director (Level Access Lifts Ltd).
Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed within this Education Centre are solely those of the original author/s. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of any given lift manufacturer or lift industry association.
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