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Platform lifts are great for both domestic and public use. They help to overcome obstacles for wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility, making areas accessible to everyone.

If you haven’t got one already, or you’ve been toying with the idea of having one installed inside and/or outside for quite some time, there are a few things you must consider first.

In this article, the experts at Level Access Lifts will guide you through the process of purchasing a platform lift to ensure you make an informed decision.

#1 Do your research

From vertical lifts and open lifts to wheelchair lifts, inclined platform lifts (stairlifts), and step lifts, there is a wide range of platform lifts on the market today.

But how do you know which to choose?

Asking yourself the following questions should help you to determine the best one for your needs:

  • How many people will use the lift at one time? Or is wheelchair access required?
  • How much space do you have?
  • How many floors will the lift travel? (This will ascertain whether it needs to be enclosed or open.)
  • How much can you afford to spend on a platform lift?
  • What do you want the lift to look like?
  • Do you require any additional safety features?

#2 Choose a reputable provider

Once you’ve decided what type of lift you need, the next thing to do is select a lift company – preferably an established UK provider like us at Level Access Lifts – and request a detailed quotation.

We supply platform lifts nationwide and can assure you that our products comply with stringent British Safety Standards. We also make sure that our lifts are expertly installed and offer a fair, transparent quote for all work related to the installation.

#3 Arrange installation

If you’re happy with the quote provided, let us know and we’ll pencil a convenient date in the diary to come out and install the platform lift for you.

We make sure that our team is fully briefed and knows exactly what needs doing on the day. Whilst we will do everything we can to get the lift up and running as soon as possible, you can relax knowing that we will never skimp on safety or quality.

Upon completion, we will provide a handover and demonstration of the lift. And if you have any questions or queries, we will be more than happy to assist.

#4 Don’t forget the maintenance!

All of our platform lifts come with a generous 12-month warranty and servicing. That means, should you experience any issues during this time, you can contact us and we’ll come out and rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Once your warranty is up, you will be required to organise routine service and maintenance to extend the longevity of your lift.

Luckily, there are many service plans out there today which will ensure your lift operates smoothly, and transports passengers from A to B safely, for years to come. It’s just a matter of assessing all of the options available to you and choosing the most suitable one for your needs.

Want to know more?

The experts at Level Access Lifts are always on hand to offer advice and guidance and would love to hear from you. So, whether you have a question about the different platform lifts we provide or you’d like to discuss your requirements with the team, give us a call on 023 8081 4924. You can also send an email to info@levellifts.co.uk or complete the online enquiry form, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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