For those that have mobility problems, a platform lift in their home could be a piece of equipment that is crucial in ensuring they can access all parts of their property. Their importance shouldn’t be underestimated, and although they are frequently seen in commercial settings, they are also used residentially to great effect.

They allow disabled, injured or elderly people to enjoy all of the uses of their home that anyone else would, giving them the ability to reach places in a multi-storey building such as the upstairs bedroom, storage facility or bathroom. Sometimes it isn’t as easy as downsizing to a bungalow, so installing a platform lift could be the most sensible option, so you can remain in your sentimental home.

Let’s find out some more about platform lifts in houses, shall we?

Tailored to your needs

One of the main benefits of wheelchair lifts for the home is their versatility. They can be customised in a way that suits your needs best, with various sizes available. If you wish, they can even be incorporated into an open staircase tread. Whatever your preferences or requirements, there is a platform lift out there for you.

Domestic platform lifts are solely designed for your use. This means that you are the deciding factor and can choose a lift that is safe and comfortable for you. A bespoke platform lift could be the perfect solution for a more comfortable life in your own home.

Durable and long-lasting

Your body weight and the weight of your wheelchair will inevitably place strain on your step lift.  But rest assured, all of our platform lifts are designed with durability in mind, so they will stand the test of time in whatever setting they are placed in, and this is no different in the home.

We understand that you as a regular user of our products need that peace of mind that you are going to be safe, which is what we can assure you! Most of our products are capable of carrying up to 630kg in weight, so you should have no problem using our lifts for a lifetime to come.

Look the part

It is all well and good us telling you that our lifts are durable and will be smooth to use, but if they stand out like a sore thumb, this could leave you feeling uncomfortable. Our lifts are perfect for the modern-day home, with many being available in sleek wooden, steel and glass designs that will seamlessly fit into your setting.

We recommend that you carefully compare our selection with the immediate surroundings of your plot, so you can pick a platform lift that will fit right into your home.

Many options to choose from

Luckily for you, finding a lift that suits the aesthetic of your home shouldn’t be hard, due to the wide range of residential platform lifts we have available! Here you can carefully go through each that we offer and see if their specifications match your requirements. We can assure you that at Level Lifts you have more than enough choice to find a perfect stairlift for you, so you needn’t look anywhere else!

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