During the COVID-19 pandemic, changes have had to be made in almost every aspect of the lives of people all around the world. And this has not been any different when using platform lifts. After all, platform lifts are a vital mode of transportation throughout a building, much like a car is to get from A to B, so considerations have to be made when using lifts during these uncertain times to make them COVID secure.

At Level Lifts, we have made the necessary adjustments to ensure that our business can continue to run as close to normal as possible, so we can be of assistance to our customers in need. But, as lift experts, we also thought we would share how you can keep as safe as possible and minimise the risk of the virus when using a platform lift, out of choice or necessity.

How we are COVID secure when installing platform lifts

During the pandemic, all businesses have had to adjust their practices in one way or another. This is not only to ensure the safety of their customers and employees but to effectively control the spread of the virus.

As a result, we will always adhere to social distancing when on a call out to your property, as well as wearing all of the necessary PPE (gloves, masks etc.) when on site. By doing all we can to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we want our customers to feel safe in the knowledge that we pose little to no risk.

Vertical lifts are a vital component that is needed in multi storey buildings, for people who have mobility issues and have trouble climbing staircases. So we want to make sure that we can help as many customers that need us during this difficult time.

How you can be COVID secure when using platform lifts

If you have to use a platform lift in daily life, there are a number of adjustments and considerations you can make to reduce the risk of infection. Being the lift experts at Level Lifts, we thought we would share some with you.

Use the stairs if possible – With most of the lifts that we install being specifically designed for wheelchair access, we understand that you might have to use a lift due to mobility problems. However, if you can use the stairs, it is advised you do so. This means that you have more space to walk in, instead of being crammed into a small space potentially with other people.

Social distancing – We’re sure you have had it ingrained into your way of thinking since the pandemic began, but it is still important to adhere to social distancing. If you have to use a passenger lift out of necessity then try to stay at least 2m away from anyone else in the lift with you. We understand how compact lifts are, so it may be sensible to only get in a lift if there is no one in it when it reaches your level.

PPE – Depending on the protocol of the building you are in; you may be required to wear face coverings when in a communal area. As a result, they may be necessary in lifts. It is important to comply with these rules to decrease the risk of the virus.

Are all surfaces clean? – If you own a cabin lift, then it is your responsibility to make sure that it is regularly cleaned at every available opportunity. This means all surfaces that will come into contact with people such as buttons and door handles. Doing your bit to make lifts COVID secure means facilities can continue to remain functioning close to normal.

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