How many times have you been into a commercial building and spotted a wheelchair lift? The truth is, you’re at a disadvantage if you don’t have one in your building these days, as many companies have promoted the notion of inclusion for all, including those with additional mobility needs. As a result, these kind of lifts have become a mainstay in many commercial facilities around the world and are being installed in domestic environments too – improving the quality of life for those in a wheelchair.

Wheelchair lifts come in all shapes and sizes – to fit spatial limitations of the building in question and blend in with the surrounding areas, so the person in need won’t feel like they stand out compared to everyone else. But which is the best for your building? Luckily for you, here at Level Lifts we supply many types of wheelchair lifts, so let’s take you through some of our most popular.

British Style Platform Lift

This kind of platform lift is usually recognised as the standard in the UK and is what many of us are used to seeing/using. Their durability and versatility is their main selling point, with many facilities using this as their wheelchair platform lift of choice. These lifts are able to travel up to 7m, making them the perfect option for most commercial buildings and homes. This height, accompanied with a maximum load of 400kg (5 people) and non-slip vinyl/rubber flooring, makes them the safe bet to get to where you need to be, both safely and quickly.

Swedish Style Platform Lift

This platform lift is one that has increased in popularity over recent years, and it is easy to see why! The Swedish style is starting to be installed in many high traffic buildings such as schools, shops, office complexes and residential buildings to give those with mobility problems a better quality of day to day life.

Their practicality allows them to travel up to 13m at a speed of up to 0.15m/sec – this making the transition from floor to floor quicker than ever before, whilst maintaining all safety aspects that are imperative to a device such as this.

If you feel like your facility would benefit from a Swedish style platform lift, browse on site now for more information.

Hidden Lift

If you’re a property owner, a hidden lift represents modern invention perfectly and is one of the best ways to keep your building looking streamlined. Aside from this, it provides a seamless transition between floors for those with reduced mobility. This clever mechanism is usually seen in office buildings or shops where multiple stairs may be the only other way of getting to another level.

Hidden lifts are expertly built into the ground, making them virtually impossible to notice until they are in use. This should put the wheelchair user at ease knowing they will not be taking up a lot of space and can transition from one floor to another with minimal delay.

Come and take a look at our hidden lifts for yourself on site now!

Curved Rail Stairlifts

Finally, the stairlift that has gripped the market in recent times, the PLK8 from Ascendor. This stairlift is perfect for any facility that has a staircase that is not your usual shape, making them the most versatile option out there today. Suitable as both an indoor or outdoor wheelchair lift, the PLK8 can elegantly negotiate any bends on a staircase, where the previous stairlifts are limited.

This means that if your building has a naturally winding staircase, you can still accommodate those that have difficulties with mobility, without installing a ramp that would take up considerably more room.

Interested in this curved rail stairlift? Find out more on our website today.

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