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At Level Access Lifts, we provide platform lifts in many different styles and each one offers its very own unique advantages. When it comes to choosing a lift that suits your environment, you’re in capable hands with us as we have endless options for you to choose from – check them out here today.

How to choose a platform lift?

When selecting platform lifts, there are several factors that you need to be mindful of and these include:

  • User – who will be using the lift?
  • Capacity – how many people will use the lift at once?
  • Location – where will it be positioned?
  • Space – how much space is available?
  • Operation – who will control the lift?
  • Cost – how much can you afford to spend?

Platform lifts are designed to be versatile; they can be used in homes or businesses, on the inside or the outside.

To help you to decide which lift suits your needs best, let’s take a look at the different lifts we provide:

Wheelchair lift

One of the most popular lifts that we provide at Level Lifts is the wheelchair lift that is specifically designed to follow the contour of the stairs. Also called a Platform Stairlift

It’s designed to offer a sense of freedom for those who are confined to a wheelchair and allows them to retain their pride and dignity. The wheelchair lift is easily operated by the passenger themselves, a carer or local attendant.

We recommend installing this type of platform lift to ensure that all disabilities are accommodated.

Open vertical platform lift

Here at Level Lifts, we provide the non-enclosed open vertical platform lifts which allow users to move from one level to the next.

Our open vertical platforms are great in environments where there is only a small change in floor level as they offer a convenient alternative for installing a wheelchair ramp which can be expensive and unsightly.

Vertical lift

Vertical lifts move in an enclosure and are operated by the simple push of a button – making it easy for passengers to operate. As with all disability lifts, the vertical lift serves 2-5 floors and offers a convenient alternative for negotiating the stairs.

Cabin lift

A cabin lift is one of the lifts that we provide at Level Lifts. It’s designed to transfer passengers safely and efficiently – making sure that all environments are accessible. They offer many of the benefits of much larger and expensive passenger lifts.

Access lifts are simple to control and operate automatically which makes them great for low-rise buildings. As well as this, our cabin lifts are extremely innovative and create pleasing aesthetics.

Step Lift

Step lifts are used alongside the stairs and offer equal opportunity for those with limited mobility. Access lifts like these provide a compact solution for greater accessibility and are guaranteed to suit the environment and available space.

If you need to know more about the disability lifts that we design and provide at Level Lifts, call us today on 023 8081 4924.

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