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There are many different ways that you can benefit from the platform lifts we provide at Level Access Lifts, but before you make the decision as to whether they can benefit you – it pays to know what they are, how they work and how much they cost.

What are platform lifts?

A platform lift is also known as a disability lift or access lift. It is a specifically engineered lift that makes it easier for wheelchair users to reach services on various levels. It allows them to travel safely, saving them from putting their health and safety at risk.

As well as wheelchair users, platform lifts can also benefit elderly passengers or those who experience difficulty walking – providing them with equal opportunities to access the same services as everyone else.

Where can platform lifts be installed?

Platform lifts are used in private and public environments and can also be found in domestic properties to enhance accessibility for individuals.

They are not only used on the outside of buildings to bring customers, staff or visitors in, but they can also be installed on the inside to make all areas accessible.

Instead of disabled customers having to negotiate stairs, why not consider installing platform lifts? Our lifts make it safer for customers to transfer between floor levels – reducing the risk of them falling or seriously injuring themselves.

How does a platform lift work?

All platform lifts transfer passengers up and down – but how do they do it?

There are 3 types of drive systems for disability lifts, and these each provide their own unique advantages including:

Screw and nut drive system

Lifts that have a screw and nut drive system use a steel pole that runs through the full length of the shaft. At the end of the screw, there is a nut that is connected to the platform and this is turned by a motor to enable the lift to ascend and descend.

For it to operate reliably and to prevent wear and tear, access lifts need to be regularly maintained.

Hydraulic drive system

Some platforms are operated by means of hydraulics. Lifts that have a hydraulic drive system are attached to a hydraulic ram and hydraulic fluid is pushed from the central reservoir, via a pump – into the ram.

The ram extends to allow the lift to rise and the flow is reversed to lower it.

Encapsulated chain drive system

If access lifts have an encapsulated chain drive system, the chain is encased in a durable polyurethane casing which minimises slippage.

There is a motor and gearbox at the top of the shaft and this turns the shaft that the chains are attached to.

How much does a platform lift cost?

It’s difficult to put a price on platform lifts – especially when there are many factors that contribute to the overall cost.

To put the cost of a wheelchair lift into perspective, please remember to incorporate the cost of the lift itself with the cost of building work. Here are some of the main factors that affect the overall cost:

  • Distance (height)
  • Entrance (number of doors)
  • Glazing
  • Power
  • Style
  • Size of pit (required or not)
  • Structural wall (required or not)
  • Electricals
  • Installation
  • Ownership

We will of course provide professional advice on all of the above items. Contact us today so that we can discuss your requirements and provide you with accurate costs.

All our lifts are provided with a guarantee – offering reliability, high quality and affordability. To find out more about them, get in touch with us on 023 8081 4924 today.

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