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There are around 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK alone, two thirds of which rely on a wheelchair regularly to lead an independent life. But with only around 23% of homes due to be built by 2030 having plans to meet basic accessibility criteria – what can you do to improve standards of living within your home?

At Level Access Lifts, we have been working tirelessly for over 15 years to support home and business owners in their bid to improve accessibility. Providing turn key solutions to hundreds of happy customers, we handle every element from the planning through to the execution – leaving you to get on with your life with complete independence.

Staircase and lift all in one

So, how wheelchair friendly is your home? Find out if you can benefit from these three accessibility adaptations.

  • No need to break the bank – simply widen your doorways

Adapting any home to be entirely wheelchair friendly can be a costly project – however you may already live in a single level home, or perhaps have many of the more costly changes made and are simply looking for simple ways to improve how you get around the house.

Extending doorways can be a relatively straight-forward adaptation that you can make, which will result in a huge difference to wheelchair users when going about their everyday life. If you do have a larger budget to work with, you can get the entire structure of your doorways changed to be wider. However, for those who are looking to spend less, offset hinges are a low-cost but effective way of widening doorways around the home.

  • Save space with a stair lift

When space is sparse, a stair lift that can be neatly tucked away when not in use can be an ideal solution. Our platform stair lift can be used on a staircase that is curved or straight, offering a safe, reliable and accessible option to wheelchair users within their own home.

The most important part of what we do is to ensure that our customers feel empowered and independent, which is why our platform stair lift can be used without assistance. With an easily accessible platform, making propelling yourself onto the vertical platform lift a breeze, any wheelchair user will find our stairlifts an invaluable addition to their home.

  • Access all areas with an outdoor wheelchair lift

Being able to effortlessly manoeuvre from one room to another is important, but why stop there? Our open style platform lifts offer an extra element of independence, allowing easy access to the outdoors. The open aspect design makes the open wheelchair not only practical, but also an attractive feature whether fitted at the front of your home, or in the back for easier access to the garden.

We can help improve wheelchair accessibility around your home

When it comes to implementing safe and easy to use vertical platform lifts, we’re experts. Whether you’re new to adding access lifts around your home or are looking for an upgrade – our experts can help. Why not get in touch to discuss your specific needs, and one of our team can talk you through the options available.

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