Italian Style Low Pit Passenger Lift - Bespoke Sizes

Residential lifts are no longer for the rich and famous. With around 257,000 British home owners opting for ‘luxury high spec interiors’ – now is as good a time as any to add a touch of practicality and luxury to your home with a home lift.

Once reserved only for the elite, home lifts have rapidly become a sought-after feature of interior design in UK homes. We are a nation of technology lovers after all – and the implementation of the home lift has fast become the latest trend not solely intended for improving mobility, but also for increasing comfort and luxury.

Italian Style Low Pit Passenger Lift in Marble

Why home lifts are no longer just for increasing accessibility

First and foremost, of course, home lifts are designed to improve accessibility around the home. A residential platform lift can assist wheelchair users in accessing all levels of their home with ease and independence and can future-proof a home for every stage of life.

However, home lifts are no longer solely to improve mobility and aid access. Home lifts add a feeling of luxury within a home allowing for the ultimate comfort and convenience.

Your home lift needn’t be an eyesore

When you think of a home lift, what do you picture? It’s true that traditional residential lifts were often stand-out features of the home, and not always for the right reasons. However, as technology and interior design trends have evolved, so has the way home lifts are created to become as discreet, or as much of a focal point as you like.

Depending on the aesthetic of your home, you can choose to have your platform lift as a design feature that works as a focal point of your home, or you can have a lift that is discreet and hidden away. Typically, traditional interiors opt to fit lifts that are hidden away, so that visitors would never know a lift was even in place. Alternatively, here at Level Access Lifts we work with a state-of-the-art home lift brand that offers the ultimate in luxury style and design for a lift you would want all your visitors to see.

Create your bespoke home lift

If you’re considering the benefits of a home lift but worry about the impact it might have on your interior design, then worry no more! We work with one of the most innovative lift brands, that combine practicality with design for a truly bespoke experience for your family and any visitors.

Homelifts by Artico are sleek, stylish – and what’s truly unique is that you can build your own design to fit effortlessly into your home’s current interiors. From the build and size of the lift to the colours and even the lighting – you can truly add a feel of luxury to your home with this type of home lift.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our range of home lifts, why not get in touch? We are experts in our industry and understand the importance of finding the perfect home lift to meet the specific needs and requirements of the household, so we’re confident we can help!

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