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Do you live in a high-rise building? If you’re lucky enough to have a home that spans numerous floors, then you could be missing out on the ultimate convenience with a dumbwaiter platform lift!

We live in an age of fast-pace and high demand, and as such more and more homeowners are opting for interior features that offer a solution of some kind. Platform lifts have become a popular design aspect for those seeking improved accessibility, added household value and convenience and they’re not just reserved for transporting people!

Dumb Waiters Lift being loaded

If you’re fed up of tackling numerous flights of stairs, and are looking for a simpler way of living, a service lift could be the perfect solution!

The dumb waiter is making a comeback!

You may have heard of the dumb waiter before, but there’s a chance that you may not be familiar with what it is, and how it works. You could be forgiven for this – the dumb waiter has been around since the 1880s after all! But, as more homes are opting for easier ways of living, we have seen a direct rise in dumb waiter sales – and here’s why!

A dumb waiter is a type of service platform lift that’s used for transporting goods across multiple floors. They are often used to transport food and fresh produce, but can be used across a range of industries, and within the home for all kinds of purposes.

Modern dumb waiters offer:

  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Style
  • Convenience
  • Accessibility
  • Variety

Whether you’re looking to avoid endless flights of stairs, or just want an easier way to get through your list of house chores, the dumb waiter platform lifts of today can be designed to fit effortlessly into your home, like any other part of your furniture.

What are the benefits of having a service platform lift in your home?

When it comes to fitting a service lift in your home, you may be wondering whether it’s worth the investment. How much could you possibly gain from having a platform lift for goods? Well, as it turns out – there are actually a host of benefits to having a service lift, including the following:

  • Efficiency – perhaps the biggest benefit of having a service platform lift fitted within your home is the efficiency it brings. Having a clean out? Send down your bags of rubbish in the dumb waiter and avoid coming up and down the stairs all day!
  • Luxury – Having guests to stay? Why not send up their bags in the lift for the ultimate luxury experience and feeling of privacy as there’s no need for you to enter their bedroom.
  • Accessibility – of course, for those who may struggle with mobility issues, having a dumb waiter that can move food, cooked dishes and dirty dishes from one level to another is a fantastic way of offering independence and accessibility no matter what the circumstances.

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