The importance of cabin lifts cannot be understated, and there is a very good reason why almost all commercial buildings accommodate one these days. We’re sure that in the not too distance past, you would have been in a building with one of these lifts present and may have even used one yourself!

After all, they are a very handy way of moving from one floor to another without taking the stairs. But why have they grown in popularity – and necessity – so quickly? Here at Level Lifts, the expert providers of many cabin and platform lifts, we can tell you more.

Cabin lift benefits

A space saver

One of the great appeals, and common misconceptions, about these kinds of lifts is their relatively small footprint. It is often assumed that these are large scale jobs that end up taking up a lot of space in your facility. But this, in fact, couldn’t be further from the truth. Due to their ability to elevate vertically, a cabin lift can take up a relatively small area on each floor. This feature makes them an attractive proposition to buildings with high traffic that want to implement a new, convenient and inclusive mode of transport that makes your building more accessible.

If you want to find out the specifications of our lifts exactly, be sure to check them out on our website now, so you can find one that fits your facility to a tee.

Reliable choice

Due to the strain that wheelchair lifts are placed under on a daily basis, you want to make sure that they are durable and safe, right? Due to the elevation involved, any mechanical faults at any time can have disastrous consequences for all involved, so a dependable solution is always the most ideal choice. With this in mind, you should browse the specifications of the lift in mind to check out their maximum recommended load in kg, the headroom that it offers, and its travel speed amongst other things.

This gives you a better overall idea of which lift may be perfect for the intended use, so you can be safe in the knowledge that it will last many years and be a smart investment.

A modern feel

As more and more companies such as ourselves compete to provide the very best step lifts on the market, innovation has been commonplace amongst lifts in the modern day. This normally means an ability to withstand more weight than ever before, and an ability to travel much faster (whilst maintaining safety) than they could 10 years ago. However, one feature that has been much welcomed is the many designs that now grace commercial buildings all over the world including many different colours to fit with the building’s theme..

Cabin lifts can now seamlessly conform with their surroundings, making sure that they are now no longer a stand-out feature that catches the attention of all. Our extensive range on site showcases just some of the designs we’ve implemented over the years. Contact us with your exact requirements and we can work with you.

Convenience for all

Finally, the most practical use for these kinds of lifts. Of course, they are mainly targeted at those with mobility issues that are unable to ascend or descend staircases as easily as others, if at all. Our strong and sturdy lifts allow for easy wheelchair access, alongside another person who may be pushing the wheelchair for them.

This use allows for all levels of a particular building to be accessible for anyone, no matter what mobility struggles they have. This is why they have proven to be so popular with many who want to promote the idea of inclusion for all.

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