It is most likely that if you own or work in a building with a lot of traffic, then you would benefit from a step lift. I bet you weren’t expecting to be told that so early on, were you? The truth is, they are a device that can benefit anyone and everyone at any time. They can be a fantastic way of promoting inclusivity for your business whilst allowing anyone the opportunity to access any floor in your building.

Sure, at Level Lifts we are going to encourage the use of step lifts for many buildings, but this is with good reason! We feel that all buildings can benefit from these smart designs, and that they should be a mainstay for the long term.

This blog from Level Lifts will give you the low down on all things step lifts so you can have a better informed idea on whether you should look to add this to your facility.

Features of a step lift

So let’s get into what a step lift actually is, shall we? They are ways of transporting people from one floor to another in a simple and convenient manner. They are usually placed alongside a set of steps as a useful alternative and can be designed to make life easier for those who need to ascend or descend floors in a building. They are designed to be compact with a small footprint, making them easy enough to be spotted without standing out too much.

These kinds of structures have to be designed robustly to ensure that they are safe to use at all times, which is why they are made with the toughest materials depending on your preference. These include heavy duty glass to ensure that it can withstand a large amount of impact before smashing, allowing you to keep your step lift running safely at all times. The stainless steel that is used to provide the base of the lift allows for a heavy maximum load of a minimum of 400kg on our devices.

What kinds of step lift are there?

To fit in with your surroundings or logistical requirements, we offer a range of steplift solutions to accommodate the needs of anyone that thinks they could benefit from these revolutionary mechanisms. These include:

  • Bespoke Scissor Lift – one of the most seamless designs we offer, these bespoke scissor lifts can easily fit in with any setting, with the ability to make this kind of step lift agree with your theme. Their bespoke nature means that you can have as much or as little input as you want in their design.
  • Open Style Platform Lift – found outdoors, these kind of lifts are designed to be both stylish and durable, coping with all conditions that are brought their way. Available in a colour of your choice, the open style platform lift from Level Lifts can be suited to your surroundings.
  • Staircase & Lift All In One – one of the most innovative products on our website, this is a completely hidden device that can flexibly move between staircase and step lift when needed. Controlled by a remote control or wall button, this staircase & lift device is easy to operate. Take a look for yourself now!
  • Compact Open Style Lift – this kind of step lift does exactly as it states, maintains a compact footprint that is a great space saver in any building. It is able to rise and lower using four hidden, sturdy legs that help it become a sturdy compact open style lift that can be operated for the foreseeable.

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Having learnt more about this kind of platform lift, do you feel like now is the time to implement one into your building? If so, the team at Level Lifts would love to help. We are able to quickly respond to any enquiries you may have about our products, so be sure to contact us today!

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