Step lifts are a convenient option to have in your building, everybody knows that. But exactly how muchof a difference do they make to a facility that experiences a lot of traffic, or the home of someone with mobility problems? The answer is, they can be a game-changer! They offer an inclusive alternative in busy areas for people who are unable to tackle stairs for whatever reason and can turn a difficult task into one that is easy, quick and seamless.

Step lifts have been in use for many years, and we’re sure you have come across one before in a communal building, so maybe now is the time to implement one for yourself. This avoids you having egg on your face if someone asks if you have any wheelchair friendly facilities available, and who wants to have to turn people away as a result of that?

If you’re still not convinced that you should install a step lift for yourself, then find out more by reading below.

A versatile option

One of the main benefits of a step lift is versatility. They can be used in a diverse range of different buildings – allowing people who have difficulty climbing stairs to either travel from one floor to the next or negotiate split level floors. And are now regarded all over the world as a useful alternative to steps.

Many people also lean towards this kind of platform lift due to their ability to carry a large amount of weight, so you can rest assured that the safety of the user has been taken into consideration.

Quick and easy access

Let’s face it, would you be more inclined to use a step lift if it were a hassle to use? Probably not. Or if you had to use it out of necessity, it would significantly increase your time waiting around which can be an issue if you have important things to be doing.

When installed, it is easy to use a step lift, by simply pressing the button to open the door to allow you to enter the device. Then, like with any other lift, you will be able to press a button to begin your ascent or descent. Their ease of use is a huge reason why they are so popular, meaning that it is a simple process to reach your destination once you head onto the platform.

These lifts are not just easy to use either, as they are designed to be simple to install too! We understand that this is usually the sticking point for companies that don’t want to see their premises invaded by workmen for a prolonged period. But this is not a worry you will face with our step lifts. We always strive to minimise our customer’s downtime as much as possible. In fact, sometimes, downtime won’t be required at all – so you can quickly reap the benefits of this expert piece of kit.

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