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So you’re looking to make your building more accessible? What better way to do so than by investing in a platform lift from Level Access Lifts?

Our platform lifts are manufactured to the highest quality – providing a safe means of transportation for those with limited mobility. They are carefully designed to meet requirements and are easy to integrate within almost any building.

Level Lifts are the UK’s leading providers of platform lifts, offering a cost-effective solution for transporting people and goods between various floor levels.

Why choose Level Access Lifts for your platform lift?

5 reasons to choose Level Lifts for your platform lift:

  1. Experience

From hotels and national landmarks to royal residences and apartment blocks, we have supplied and installed thousands of lifts throughout England, Scotland and Wales. With over 20 years’ experience providing platform lifts and practical lifting solutions, we can help you to make your building more accessible.

  1. Options

Platform lifts – or access lifts – are available in all shapes and sizes, but Level Lifts can help you narrow down your options, making sure you choose the best one.

We provide:

  • Enclosed vertical platform lifts

Enclosed vertical lifts are similar to cabin lifts. They can be used in homes, nursing homes, restaurants and hotels, and allow passengers to access all areas, in a private, dignified manner.

  • Open vertical platform lifts

Open lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors, and provide easy access for wheelchairs. These are a smaller option than the enclosed ones and are often placed next to a short flight of stairs.

  • Inclined platform lifts

Inclined platforms are platform stairlifts which provide a sense of independence for those who use a wheelchair. They can be installed straight or curved – making them suitable for all circumstances. The inclined lifts are best used in environments where space is at a premium.

  1. Technical expertise

We can help with all projects and offer technical expertise regarding drawings, specifications, Part M of the building regulations, loading details, finishes and any optional extras.

Level Lifts offer a flexible service tailored towards your exact needs, ensuring your lift fully meets your requirements.

  1. Turnkey solutions

If you’re planning to install a new wheelchair lift, or replacing an existing one, Level Lifts can take care of the whole process from start to finish – including installation, building and electrical work.

By leaving your project to our specialist tradesmen, you’re guaranteed a quick and professional installation.

  1. Finance

The price of disability lifts needn’t be restrictive – we have finance options allowing you to spread the cost with affordable monthly instalments.

If you’re to upgrade disability lifts that are ageing, our leases offer flexibility and can be upgraded for little to no change to your monthly costs.

Need to know more about our platform lifts? Get in touch with the Level Lifts experts today by calling us on 023 80814 924 or email us at

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