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Platform lifts are fast becoming a necessity for many businesses. Great for transporting people quickly, safely and with minimal fuss, from one floor level to the next – opening up your business to everyone, regardless of mobility.

Level Access Lifts provide a wide range of lifts, all designed to make buildings more accessible. Our lifts can be used both indoors and outdoors – and are particularly useful when there is insufficient space for a wheelchair ramp. They are also suitable for vertical and inclined applications – even curved staircases!

Here we look at how our different platform lifts can be used:

  • Disabilities

Open Style Platform Lift in Use

It is important to accommodate the needs of all staff, customers and visitors. To do this, you need to make sure that your building is fully accessible. Installing a disability lift is often regarded as a ‘reasonable’ solution for businesses, under the Equality Act 2010.

We provide a wide range of disability lifts and wheelchair lifts. Our equipment not only aids wheelchair users but can also benefit those with learning difficulties, visual impairments and a range of other health conditions.

  • Parents and infants

Although modern prams and pushchairs are lighter and can be collapsed easily, they are still cumbersome when it comes to carrying them up flights of stairs. Leaving a child in the pushchair when travelling up or down stairs is dangerous, as is removing the child and abandoning the pram at the bottom of the stairs.

Here at Level Lifts, we provide semi-enclosed vertical platform lifts to remove access issues like these, allowing parents with infants to use the same services as everyone else – without causing a fire or evacuation hazard in busy environments.

  • Injuries

You hope it will never happen but – should the day come when somebody is injured or taken suddenly ill – an access lift can be invaluable. Transporting an injured person between floor levels, access lifts make a practical addition to your building. Stock

If you’re looking to manoeuvre stock from one floor to the next, you could benefit from one of our goods lifts, specifically designed to transport stock or materials around the working environment.

Goods lifts are generally used in fast-paced environments like retail, manufacturing and hotels, allowing materials to be distributed quickly and easily. They also reduce the risk of staff injuring themselves when handling or moving stock, allowing them to work safely.

Platform lifts offer a range of advantages and work across many industries. To find out more about how a platform lift could benefit your business get in touch today by calling Level Lifts on 023 8081 4924.

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