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Looking to make your commercial building wheelchair friendly? Placing a wheelchair ramp at the front of your property and providing disabled parking spaces is a great start – but getting people through the front door is only the beginning. Wheelchair users should enjoy the same freedoms as everyone else around your premises and installing platform lifts can help you achieve this.

Here at Level Access Lifts, we provide platform lifts – also referred to as access lifts, wheelchair lifts or disability lifts – for many commercial buildings to improve safety and efficiency. We have more than 20 years’ experience to offer and have worked with a wide range of high profile clients, including BBC, Lloyds Bank, NHS, River Island, and Travelodge.

British Style Low Pit Passenger Lift

Platform lifts are the favoured access solution for those who find it difficult to use stairs, including people with reduced mobility or visual impairment. They are also ideal for moving smaller goods and merchandise in the workplace.

Here’s how your business could benefit from a platform lift from Level Lifts:

  • Safety

Our lifts don’t require wheelchair users to transfer from their wheelchair, offering a safer alternative to stairs and escalators. A wheelchair lift makes no compromise to accessibility and keeps evacuation routes clear, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

In addition to this, we provide lifts that are designed to make it easier for your staff to manoeuvre stock, preventing them from lifting heavy goods and putting their back out.

  • Efficiency

No matter which of our access lifts you choose, they are all designed to be efficient. Even when carrying heavy loads, they guarantee smooth operation and retain speed – allowing quick and easy transfer.

Our lifts are usually powered by a single phase power supply, meaning they only use a small amount of energy. With this comes low operation costs and easy maintenance, saving you a great deal of time and money.

  • Privacy

Vertical platform lifts are designed to make your business more accessible for staff and visitors alike. They allow disabled people to maintain dignity and independence when moving between floor levels.

Our vertical lifts can be used to carry up 4-5 people and are semi-enclosed with sliding or hinged doors, making it easy to exit and enter.

  • Confidence

Disability lifts can accommodate the needs of everyone. All our lifts offer a safe and stable passage between floor levels. So easy to operate, they provide the user and their family or friends with the confidence to access floors unaided.

Need to know more about how your business could benefit from one of the lifts we provide? Get in touch with us on 023 8081 4924 or email us at today.

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