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Vertical platform lifts are great for improving access to homes and businesses – but how do you know which one to choose?

Specialising in platform lifts since 2002, here at Level Access Lifts we guarantee to find the perfect lift for you. We provide lifts for every challenge and have supplied disability lifts (also known as platform lifts or wheelchair lifts) for a range of high profile clients, including House of Fraser, Morrisons, NHS, and Travelodge.

Aritco 7000 Platform Lift

What matters to you, matters to the Level Lifts team. We understand that no two projects are the same and can offer a tailored solution to ensure your requirements regarding space, budget and style are all accommodated.

We supply:

  • Lyndhurst

The Lyndhurst vertical platform lift is manufactured in Great Britain. A popular choice for indoor and outdoor applications, it operates using a reliable hydraulic drive system and requires 220 V single phase power supply.

Travelling at 0.08-0.15m/sec, it can carry up to 5 people safely and comes with a self-supporting structure which makes the process of installation easier.

We supply the Lyndhurst platform lift in a choice of finishes and door types, including single swing, glazed or centre opening, and can manufacture platforms to match your bespoke requirements to make sure the lift fits – even in the tightest of spaces.

  • Aritco 7000

Vertical lifts, like the Aritco 7000, are designed to suit demanding environments, including schools, shops, and homes. The Aritco 7000 has a screw/nut drive system that comprises practicality with versatility and guarantees high standards of quality, safety and service life.

This Swedish-manufactured lift is best used indoors to provide wheelchair users with easy access. It travels up to 13m at 0.15m/sec – providing passengers with a safer alternative to using the stairs.

  • ILS 1K

The ILS 1K is another Swedish disability lift but offers a larger than normal platform and can lift more weight. Perfect for nursing homes, self-storage facilities, retail and warehouses – offering ample space for beds, stretchers, deliveries and equipment.

The indoor heavy duty lift is a cost-effective solution for safely transporting 1000kg or 8 people from one level to the next. The lift travels up to13m (5 stops) quickly, using a 415 V3 phase power supply.

  • Aritco Homelift

The Aritco Homelift is designed specifically for residential properties. It can blend subtly with the furniture or be installed to stand out. This lift proves that you can have both form and function.

The Homelift is suitable for carrying 400kg and travels up to15m. It’s powered by an electric motor and conforms to European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and EN81-41 standards.

Our Aritco platform lifts provide extra comfort for passengers and make light work of carrying furniture and heavy bags up and down the stairs.

  • MC2000

In tight spaces and stairwells, the compact MC2000 disabled lift is ideal. All 4 sides of the lift can be glazed to make it panoramic and the platform can be tailored to suit the amount of space you have available.

Using a chain drive system, and powered by 220 V single phase or 415 V3 phase, the Swedish MC2000 lift meets European Machinery Directive and can fit 5-6 people, reaching 6 different levels across (up to) 15m.

All our vertical lifts are supplied in white as standard or a colour of your choice to ensure it suits its surrounding environment. They each have a non-slip vinyl, aluminium or rubber floor to ensure safety.

For more information about the vertical platform lifts we supply at Level Lifts, get in touch with us on 023 8081 4924 today and we will be more than happy to guide and advise you in finding the vertical lift that’s right for you.

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