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Are steps making it difficult for customers to access your business? What better way to improve footfall than investing in a platform lift from Level Access Lifts?

Disabled or elderly customers often feel excluded when access is limited. A platform lift can change all that – providing equal opportunity for everyone to enjoy the same services.

Aritco 7000 Lift

Benefits of vertical platform lifts:

Platform lifts, sometimes called ‘disability lifts’, are powered by hydraulics or electric motors and transport people smoothly between varying floor levels.

Unlike goods lifts – which are more heavy duty and generally required to cover numerous floors – platform lifts travel vertically over short distances. They’re generally used for between 2 to 5 floors and move at steady speeds of 0.08-0.15m/sec.

Ramps are handy and useful in certain situations, but vertical platform lifts make it even more convenient for wheelchair users to access all areas. They can be used in many different locations, providing comfort and convenience.

Building a ramp can be a lengthy process. In comparison, vertical lifts can be installed quickly, and with minimal disruption, by our team of experienced installers.

When fitting any of our vertical lifts – such as the Aritco 7000, a Swedish style platform – the team are on hand from start to finish, to make sure that your lift fits perfectly and operates efficiently.

The Lyndhurst lift is a British style platform lift, easily controlled by the push of a button – allowing users to easily operate it independently. Many of the vertical lifts we supply are fully enclosed to provide a sense of privacy and security, allowing people to travel with dignity.

So, if you’re looking to safeguard the independence of your customers and ensure your services are accessible to everyone, we have the solution for you with our range of platform lifts.

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At Level Lifts, we provide a number of custom options.  We usually supply our disability lifts in white, but we can provide a colour of your choice to ensure it complements your setting.

Bespoke platforms are available too, so if you’re planning to install a lift where there is limited space available, please get in touch to discuss the options available.

For more information about vertical platform lifts don’t hesitate to call us on 023 8081 4924 and we will be more than willing to share our expertise.

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