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Living with a disability can make life challenging, but the good news is that wheelchair lifts can help to make things that little bit easier.

Also known as platform lifts, vertical lifts or disability lifts, wheelchair lifts are a popular option for many homes and businesses. They provide much needed independence and ensure that everyone – regardless of disability – has the freedom to access all areas.

Different situations and disabilities call for different lifts, so how do you know which one you need?

Do you have limited space available?

If you’re looking to install a lift but only have a small space to work with, Level Access Lifts have the perfect solution for you. Our platform lifts are easy to integrate and combine staircases with lifting platforms to make use of available space.

We supply a range of step lifts, including the bespoke scissor lift, open style platform lift and staircase & lift all in one, which are predominantly used for short distances and split levels, alongside a set of steps. All our step lifts are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can hold either 400 or 500Kg and can lift up to a height of 3m.

Do you need a lift that offers a higher reach?

Vertical platform lifts can create a stylish look without sacrificing safety or functionality.  Take the Aritco 7000 platform lift, for instance, vertical lifts like these are carefully designed and manufactured for more demanding environments. Able to travel 6 stops (the equivalent to 13m) they make areas on all levels accessible.

Are you looking for a hassle-free, practical lift?

Here at Level Access Lifts, we supply an extensive range of disability lifts which are innovatively designed. They are simple to operate and guarantee a smooth comfortable transfer between varying floor levels.

The PLG7 straight rail platform is, in our opinion, in our opinion the best platform stairlift on the market. It combines elegance with functionality and has safety arms which conveniently fold down to keep the lift compact when it’s not in use.

Could you benefit from a discreet lift?

Disability lifts are available in all shapes and sizes, and we can tailor our lifts to match your exact requirements. If you’re looking for a lift that neatly retracts into the floor to give the illusion that there’s no lift there, the hidden step lift (HDN) is a must-have.

The HDN can be easily adjusted to the surroundings and has a metal upstand which acts as a mechanical wheel stop – preventing the wheelchair from rolling off the platform.

Do you need a lift that provides additional safety and security?

As independent platform lift specialists, we make sure all our wheelchair lifts create a clean, aesthetically pleasing addition to your home or business, without compromising safety and security.

The British style platform lift is operated using an ultra-reliable hydraulic drive system and can travel up to 7 stops (5m) reliably. Inside the lift, there are audible and visual displays that enable wheelchair users or carers to operate the lift with ease.

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