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Investing in platform lifts will make your building instantly more accessible to society – including those who require wheelchair access. If you’re looking to make your home or business wheelchair-friendly, Level Access Lifts have just the solution for you…

Platform lifts

When it comes to designing and installing platform lifts, you’re in capable hands with Level Access Lifts! Aiming to provide you with exactly what you need to make your building more accessible, we supply a complete range of high-quality platform lifts that utilise space efficiently, whilst providing comfortable transportation.

Here at Level Access Lifts, we provide open lifts, inclined lifts and goods lifts to satisfy the needs of all industries and you can check them out here today.

Who can benefit from a wheelchair Lift?

There are countless people who can benefit from access lifts, some of which may take you by surprise. Ranging from homeowners and landlords to architect designers and property developers, our disability lifts are desired by many.

The access lifts that we have available are ideal if you’re looking for a solution to suit the requirements of all customers and make your property welcoming for all ages and abilities.

Where can a wheelchair lift be installed?

An open wheelchair lift can be installed almost anywhere to provide a sense of independence and convenience. You may have seen disability lifts before in care homes and hospitals, or hotels, restaurants and shops, but they can also be used to make educational facilities, leisure centres and historic and public buildings more user-friendly.

No matter how challenging you consider the environment to be, we can provide you with a suitable solution that makes the most of the space that you have available, making sure that those with disabilities have the same opportunity to move around with ease.

If space is limited, you may benefit from one of our inclined lifts (also known as platform stairlifts). Our inclined lifts offer safe transportation for those who struggle to balance when it comes to using the stairs but enables them to reach various levels.

How much do access lifts cost?

Access lifts are designed to suit various buildings and you’ll discover several styles and sizes – making it easier for you to find one that will suit your environment and meet the demands of your customers.

The cost of access lifts is dependent on several factors. Before purchasing platform lifts, we will be sure to assess the environment, budgets and needs of the users before proposing one or more solutions.

What factors affect the cost of access lifts?

  • Travel

How far you need the lift to travel (how high)? – this will determine the height and shaft of the lift.


  • Entrance

How many entrances you need for the lift? (consider the cost of doors and frames).


  • Glazing

You often have the choice of solid panels or glass; they both look great but are priced differently.


  • Automatic doors

A wheelchair lift with automatic doors will cost more than one with manual doors.


  • Colour and size

Lifts with greater capacity are bound to cost you more, as will lifts that incorporate any modifications or special finishes.


  • Ownership

Once you have purchased the lift, you’ll need to consider the cost of operation, maintenance and repairs after the warranty period has ended.


What are the Building Regulations?

The Building Regulations ensure that renovations, conversions, new buildings, and extensions (commercial and domestic) are going to be high performing and safe.

The regulations cover such topics as fire protection, accessibility, structural integrity, protection against falls, etc.

The Building Regulations are set out and defined by the English and Welsh governments.

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