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When it comes to making your business more accessible, it’s not just about putting a ramp at the front of your property or providing disabled parking spaces in the car park…

  suitable provisions are required both inside and out, to make sure that customers can easily gain access. If you’re looking to improve the accessibility of your business, what better way to do so than by installing platform lifts from Level Access Lifts?

Platform lifts will help your customers who have mobility issues to gain easy access to and from your property and will enable them to move between various floor heights safely.

Whether it be access lifts or disability lifts, the platform lifts that we supply are designed with all your accessibility needs in mind!


Vertical platform lifts are designed to carry higher volumes of weight and are larger than many other standard lifts, they also ensure that there is no compromise made to speed or safety.

With the access lifts being bigger than other lifts, you’d expect them to operate significantly slower and to be more expensive to run – but this isn’t the case! Access lifts offer low operating and maintenance costs as a result of single-phase consumption, providing you with a cost-efficient solution for providing customers with greater access.

Safety and security

If you’re looking to boost accessibility without compromising health and safety, you’re in capable hands with us at Level Lifts. For businesses that are on various levels, the simple addition of disability lifts can make it much more convenient for those with disabilities to access your building and the services that you have to offer.

Disability lifts, like the wheelchair lift or open vertical platform lift, can eliminate the need for customers to transfer from their wheelchair in order to negotiate a flight of stairs. This reduces the risk of accidents, especially for those with poor mobility or balance issues.

Our wheelchair lift is guaranteed to provide peace of mind, knowing that people can access all areas of your business safely.


Choosing to install platform lifts will allow customers to move freely between floors whenever they need to. Installing one of our lifts will provide customers with the opportunity to engage with your business and access all areas with confidence.

The wheelchair lift is a type of platform lift that not only works wonders for wheelchair users but shows your customers that you care and can accommodate every need. Believe it or not, the installation of a platform lift will allow you to maintain a positive reputation for customers – encouraging them to choose your business over your competitors.


Often people with disabilities or limited mobility, can feel discriminated against. To prevent this, it’s highly recommended that you choose one of our platform lifts to make sure that customers of all abilities are made to feel welcome.

With a choice of inclined lifts, open lifts and cabin lifts, you’re sure to find something suitable for your customers – instantly making your property more accessible and user-friendly. Each of the lifts available at Level Access Lifts are simple to operate and don’t always require an attendant, which provides users with a sense of independence.


Adding a platform lift doesn’t need to impact on the quality or appearance of your business – in fact it can enhance it.

The modern design of the platform lift is guaranteed to complement the décor of your business, so you can rest assured that it won’t look out of place. Some lifts are designed to be compact and blend subtly within your property, such as the inclined staircases which can easily be folded away until they are needed.

For more information about platform lifts, feel free to call us on 023 8081 4924 today.

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